Horrendos Leg Pains

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jennyjoan | 12:09 Sun 03rd Jul 2022 | Body & Soul
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This morning it was very hard to get my right leg out of the bed due to knee pain and heaviness but even longer trying to get the left leg out. Looking at the clock it took from 7.30am to 8.10am to move very gently allowing me to get up onto my feet.

I just don't know what to do next. I rang up to see if I could go privately to get an estimate.

They said without a referral from the GP it would cost £96 and then £130 for the actual x-ray.


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Yes that’s correct if you go private you are charged for everything.
Have you been to the drs and have they referred you for an X-ray?
the best place to start is your gp
ps having an xray might not help
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I contacted practice manager about 4 weeks but no reply

Did you contact the surgery about the problem with your legs ? If so ,then 4 weeks is a long time to suffer with the pain that you are having. Contact the surgery again and insist on seeing a doctor. Until you actually known what the problem is it is difficult to give you any advice.
it seems an odd thing to do to contact the practice manager - just contact reception and ask for an appt
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Will ring in morning
If the pain is that bad why wait for weeks, if I haven’t had a callback from anyone in 2 working days I am straight back on the blower!
Jj. In the meantime continue with pain killers, try using a heat pad/hot water bottle .
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well Red just going to bed - i;m the person who is hoping that time will heal. but think it is either 3 or weeks or now so am ringing in the morning. but don't depend on satisfaction from the call

pain is now becoming suicidal now - I just can't bear it any more. but will see what happens
Hope you manage to get some sleep jenny
Hope you managed to sleep well, did you ring the surgery for an appointment?
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On one 1 hour right now as typing waiting on prescription from one hour waiting at 8.30am
So did you see the doctor? Your post isn't very clear to me
Ju-- do you mean that you are actually in the surgery or are you waiting for a prescription?
Sorry should be jj not ju.
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clear up the confusion - I have a big computer upstairs and Ipad downstairs - I knew I was in for a long wait to get through to doctor's so I was playing with the Ipad when confusion of post was threw in.

Trying to explain - that I had been phoning earlier at 8.30am until 9.15 am (maybe - it took for the call to go through) she (receptionist took details of what was wrong with legs - she said she would explain all that to the doctor and for me to ring back at 4.00pm to see if a prescription would be ready. Of course it took from 4-4.45pm to get through when receptionist answered - hence my funny post). She did get me a prescription and faxed to my chemist who had it ready - my neighbour run up and got it for me.

I had emphasised to the earlier receptionist I DO NOT WANT anything I can buy over the counter so she has given me stronger painkillers.

This is the second day and think there is a little improvement. Am going to bed now - whatever they are they are making me sleepy (very unusual for me) but that'll do me.

Thanks for enquiriing but thought it polite to explain what happened.

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Horrendos Leg Pains

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