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jacpinetree17 | 11:25 Sun 03rd Jul 2022 | Body & Soul
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Does anyone know why top ups are used in care homes. The council pays but we still have to pay £170 per week. Then a top up of £80 per month, when I ask what it’s for the staff don’t know and management skirt around the issue. Any suggestions. ?????


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Presumably the council won't pay the full price demanded by the home.
The top-up meets the care homes full fees when the local authority won't meet the full cost (probably because the local authority has a cap on the amount it will pay). The £170 is reimbursement to the council, based on the resident's income and savings). If the resident had very little income/savings, there would be no reimbursement due.
So you pay 700 per month? How much does the council pay? Is it you or the resident paying the 700 quid?
If they are asking for top-up, they must be able to justify their doing so.

Ask for written confirmation of what the the full cost is and how much the council contributes toward it.

If the full cost is more than the council pays, that explains the £170 per week but why is the £80 a separate charge?
The 170 pw will be the resident's contribution paid following a financial assessment. That is due from the resident.

The third party top up is something that you or the family must have agreed to pay. It occurs when the home is more expensive than others. I would suggest you contact the Local Authority and ask for a copy of the third party top up agreement.
Who do you pay the money to?
It seems strange if you're paying £170 per week and £80 per month, if they're both being paid to the home. If the £170 is paid to the council, then I can understand why.
I have Power of Attorney over a family friend and because of her savings and income, she has to pay over £1300 per month, which is paid to the council.
On top of that we pay the home for extra services, such as hairdressing, days out, toiletries, etc. This is anywhere between £20 to £60 per month.
barmaids post makes sense.
the amount the resident pays (170pw) will be covered by their pension (if they get full pension)
the top up amount that you have agreed to pay, as others have said means that the home they ae in costs more than the social services capped amount for your area. If you dont want to pay it, you need to find a cheaper home

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