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Canary42 | 10:37 Fri 01st Jul 2022 | Body & Soul
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I never cease to be amazed by the number of charities in this country.

By one of those ironies which add a certain piquancy to our mundane existence, today I have received a flyer for the (previously unheard-of) Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (supporting people suffering from brain injury). This is ironic coming just after my recent TIA resulting in a permanent driving ban. I do realise that this setback pales into insignificance compared to folk at the hospital of course.

This is a very worthy charity I feel, rather than some of the more suspect ones (e.g. Eton College).

What charity do Abers think need more exposure (and which ones less possibly) ?

P.S. To Ed. As I'm throwing this thread open to other charities, I hope this won't be discarded as Spam.


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Canary, i don't consider it a coincidence you've received this flyer. After my last appointment with Specsavers a few months back, i received info on contact lenses.
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Wow, sinister or not ?
No, just someone at SS earning a few extra shillings for passing on info, is my guess.
An interesting post, Canary. I think supporting certain charities is very much a personal choice often based on personal or family involvement/contact. When you see celebrities engaging on popular tv programmes to win money for charities I often hear them mention lesser known causes or specific local branches of better known ones.
Sometimes, out of interest and/or curiosity, I have googled some of those charities.

I would never presume to suggest that certain ones need less exposure for they are all important to some people and, perhaps more importantly, the advertising of charities can make people aware of issues without having to support them.
my 3 fave charities are
1)iain rennie hospice at home
2) homestart hampshire
3) Cruse bereavement care
there are so many I can't decide - so I don't
I support our local hospice.
Diabetes UK
Salvation Army
Cancer unit at local hospital

The charity shops we give stuff to are:
Local adult hospice
Local children’s hospice
British Heart Foundation
to the ed - you can never tell with some mods

Roy Hosp Neuro - west hill, putters
seems to exist, be a hospital, on the nHS and needs charity to run things that are not budgeted for

Make sure it is registered, read the latest returns, make sure the overheads are less than 10%, always use Gift Aid

I think it has to be year to year
I stopped giving to my old college, when they had a sex scandal and seemed to be spending an awful lot on investigation - like years !
Not with my moolah! - no it was nt ChristChurch but like it. nor Hereford but like THAT

I gave to a regimental charity as they seemed to have coped with PTDS and drugs within the ranks. - he alternative is to chuck them all out

Home ventilation s you ( NHS) can save an absolute bomb on ventilation of stable patients at home - instead of in hospital

The three i regularly donate to in one form or another are;

Pendle Hospice
Royal British Legion
Ken - I thought your donations went to the three charities William Hill, Coral and Bet Fred :)
I give money to the Bipolar charity.
I give money each month to Cats Protection.
I don't give anyone else money but I do voluntary work for a charity with an X in its name - many people seem to despise it
Prostrate Cancer
Diabetes UK
Marie Curie Nurses
I give a pack of 40 pouches of cat food and 2 bags of litter a month to my local cat rescue and my hubby donates 1 day a week to the British Heart Foundation Shop.
Animal charities both local and nationwide.
The Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul. It's not the religious side of their work that interests me but the social work they do among the poor and disadvantaged.
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Rescue Remedies
Donkey Sanctuary
Red Cross

Plus occasionally I respond to a plea for aid on TV.
Cancer UK, and BHF
Locally...Dame Hannah Rogers, a charity that provides support to young people with disabilities, and Hectors House Cat Rehoming...they rehome mostly long term stray males plus dozens of kittens. My Toby came from them.
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Sight savers

Smile train

Marie curie

Homeless donation

Small donation to church

One lottery tickets for me

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