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Khandro | 11:32 Wed 29th Jun 2022 | Body & Soul
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During the morning I have developed a purple/blue bruise from the outer corner of one eye, diagonally down across the 'eyebag', it isn't raised & doesn't hurt & I haven't been hit by anything.
It's about 1 cm. wide & 2 cms long - looks awful, never had anything like it before. Should I worry?


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Your description of the site of this bleed leaves a lot to be desired;-) but from what you say it is probably a subconjunctival hge. Very common especially in the over 65's. sometimes associated with high blood pressure, but cause is more often unknown.

No big deal, no treatment required.
Yeah I go for subconjunctival
dont look at any babies
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Thanks to both. I've also noticed rather pronounced veins in arms & hands the last few days, might be the heat ?
Yes I'm well turned 65. Took b.p. & it seems OK, - 134 / 71
"across the 'eyebag',"

That description is fooling me a little .

The alternative would be a periorbital haematome, but my comments above re treatment and cause remain the same.

No big deal.
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I should perhaps have said, diagonally from the outer corner across the lower lid.
Ah! thanks.
As it only involves the eyelid and the white of the eye is unaffected, then forget my original diagnosis and accept my alternative.......peri-orbital haematoma. You must have knocked it or rubbed it hard and didn't notice.

My comments remain the same.
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sqad: In full glorious, Technicolor;
Peri-orbital haematoma.

P.S A good looking chap...-;)
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Relief; thanks Sqad. I'll just have to wear my Mafiosi sunglasses in public for a few days. Any idea how long these things generally take to go away, & does arnica cream really do any good for bruises?
"Periorbital haematoma" - black eye to us mere mortals
My oldster often gets a black eye for no apparent reason. I think it was you, Sqad, who explained it was due to ageing, thinning skin in that area
I have a friend who a few years ago was bruising terribly...always on arms/wrist area. Thin skin was blamed. Might be a silly question...but is there any way to prevent thinning skin?
Hope your bruise heals up soon.
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I think only time-travel backwards will do that Pasta :0)
pasta, I think moisturising and staying out of the sun might slow down the thinning process but it won't reverse it
I did suspect that it could not be reversed. So it's a matter of taking care of your skin.
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Update: in case anyone is anxious to know :0) - it is greatly improved this morning; whether or not that is due to the application of the arnica cream, I can't say.
You can go outside without frightening the horses now, khandro

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