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hellywelly4 | 13:12 Tue 28th Jun 2022 | Body & Soul
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Last Wednesday I ended up in hospital with a urine infection. I was given antibiotics and came home on Thursday. On Saturday I was no better so was sent to to out of hours doctor at the hospital who gave me different antibiotics-penicillin. I felt a lot better yesterday but not too good today. I’ve had long covid since March and was feeling a lot better last Sunday. It’s the dreadful nausea which is making me feel so poorly. I rang my doctor today but was too late to speak to an actual doctor so have got to ring again tomorrow. My daughter has some Omeprazole. Do you think I could take one? I’m on tablets for high blood pressure - Indapamide, Doxazosin, Losartan and Sinvastatin, and also levothyroxine. In the grand scheme of things I’m not really poorly as all my tests at the hospital were fine, which is brilliant . Advice appreciated.I’m 81.


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The nausea is probably from the antibiotic. Are you taking with meals or eating a banana or yoghurt before taking.
Maybe contact a pharmacist .
Try to soldier on til you can speak to your GP if not, speak to pharmacist about possible contra indications Mr alba was on omeprazole but had to change when other meds were strengthened
Sorry you are having problems still, hellywelly. I take Omeprazole plus some of your other medications and have had no problems. However, all my meds are prescribed for me by GP or hospital.

Are you suffering from acid reflux and/or indigestion?

Please contact your GP before taking anything extra.
Sorry, Sqad for the link but it is succinct ;)
ps am sorry you're not feeling well x
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I can’t eat anything today but I did yesterday. It’s strange.
Have you tried liquid meals e.g. Complan?
I can't see the point of taking Omeprazole.

I agree with calmck @13.15.

Nip to the pharmacist and ask for anti sickness pills.e.g antihistamines.

Take your antibiotics with food...
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Thanks for the reply Sqad but I’m a bit housebound at the moment. What sort of antihistamines? I’ve got some cetirizine 10mg and some Loratidine 10mg.
Either would do fine helly.
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Just one tablet?
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Bless you. You are wonderful xxxxx
Isn't he just, hellywelly :)
I know !

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