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smurfchops | 18:12 Mon 27th Jun 2022 | Body & Soul
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Further to my previous posts. The red crusty mark is now peeling off my face (yuk) and I see new dark pink skin underneath. I have been told to keep out of the sun, (I am using Factor 50 and wearing a sun hat) but what is the best moisturiser protection to use on this new skin to try to help it fade - Something like Bio Oil? Also can I use foundation to cover it, as it is on my cheek? Thanks everyone.


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Yes to both questions, HOWEVER..I would be inclined to leave well alone until the "pink skin" has lost it's pinkish and becomes more paler and skin coloured.
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Thanks Sqad, I just wondered whether I should help it heal with something. :). Seeing doc this week at last.

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Efudix Another Question

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