Withdrawal Of Alcohol

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jennyjoan | 13:13 Thu 23rd Jun 2022 | Body & Soul
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At the moment friend's brother is in hospital recovering from symptoms of the above. He was found collapsed in his apartment but can't stop shaking and shaking and brain is all over the place talking nonsense. Friend is worried that hospital can't give him something to calm him down but like what do I know but I think - if hospital can't treat this quickly as it could do something to his heart.

She doesn't think he will ever get home but will have to go into a care home. She's devastated over that. Any thoughts.

Not married no children etc.


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I'm pretty sure the hospital will have dealt with many many cases like this in the past. How old is he?
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77 but is sorta mentally challenged so I would say about 30
Unfortunately this is far too common.

He is in the best place to deal with it though.
Ah, Ok, I understand why your friend thinks he might not come home now. She just has to trust that they'll do everything they can for him.
A friend's neighbour was in and out of hospital with alcohol-related issues. I think finally he just drank himself to death. They put it down as heart failure - I think as much to save the feelings of the family as anything else.
Some reading for you here, jj. I'm sure the withdrawal symptoms are very worrying for your friend. The hospital and any services involved will do what's best for him.
He is suffering Delerium tremens which is shaking and hallucinating because he is not drinking. He should be sedated until lightly asleep. Usually lasts 3 to 4 days. Long term outcome will depend on him wanting to address the problem of his drinking. Unfortunately only he can do this despite help and input from others
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He is in a bad way. He was drinking 16 cans Guinness a day
Thats around 30 units. Not good but many alcoholics are on more, especially the spirit drinkers.

Hopefully he will be ok, but it depends on how long its been going on for and what damage has been done. The doctors will do what they can but they are not miracle workers. Most do recover but unfortunately return regularly (My daughter was an A&E doc for quite a few years).
Sending him best wishes x
Calmck is correct. There are medicines available to help deal with the DTs. But a drinker needs the desire to stop and even then it's a struggle.
You mention he's in his 70s, going on 30. It sounds like he may not have the necessary maturity.
Alex Higgins & George Best come to mind.
Best had a liver transplant & still went on drinking.
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No I don't think he has the maturity to know of the seriousness of what has happened.

He begged his sister for money to buy more drink in the hospital (hallucination) - she said she had none - he said go down to the ATM and get me money.

I know him a life time - I don't think he will be able to come off it - as there is nothing else in his life to care about. The most inoffensive person you could meet.
At 77 and with diminished responsibility why not just let him carry on drinking?
So family should just sit back and let him die? If he were not of diminished responsibility would your post be different lankeela ?
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Oh yes lankeela when he was found collapsed by sisters he was covered in excrement from top to toe who dragged him to shower then when ambulance came the sisters had to go home to shower too then go back to flat and clean it too. Oh yes let the unfortunate die in pitiful state. And he worked all his life toooi
With the facts so far Lankeela's suggestion was quite acceptable IMO. Now you've said he's so bad he was found covered in excrement then he is clearly far worse both mentally and with drinking than was at first obvious. The hospital should know what to do next but he's going to need full time care somehow.
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Just found out that our patient has got COVID. Heard this from my own sister and thinks my friend will get into see him tomorrow. Will she?

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