Am I Almost Destined To Develop Asthma?

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Raidergal2022 | 22:04 Mon 23rd May 2022 | Body & Soul
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I have rhinitis - inflamed/runny nose and sometimes nasal polyps every day of the year. Ive had allergy tests - they were negative. Yet I take a antihistamine and nasal steroid spray which helps somewhat. Lately behind my nostrils/high throat has also felt inflamed. Ive seen a consultant etc they just advise to manage it as above

My dad has asthma - developed it in his 40’s and also had rhinitis with polyps though he doesn’t need to take meds everyday to control it like I do.

I’m worried about developing asthma too as I have all the risk factors (parent with it/rhinitis/possible constant exposure to allergy etc). lately I’ve been thinking about it everyday as if my lower airways start tightening the way my nose does I’m doomed.

What do you think the chances are of me getting asthma too, am I destined to?


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Your symptoms, runny nose, nasal polyps etc is what is known as Vasomotor rhinitis or Non allergic Rhinitis.

I agree with the management suggested by your Consultant and there is nothing to suggest at the moment thatyou are likely to develop Asthma any more than anyone else due to your present nasal symptoms.
Just from personal experience, I'm aware that Asthma is generic I'm the only one that inherited that treat being one of five brothers but Mum grew out of it when she were young but hasn't come back and none of my Brothers have ever shown any symptoms that I'd recognise having had it all my life.. so very highly unlikely IMO but not a Doctor.

All the best to you Xx
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Thanks, I’ve thought it could be vasomotor as it can sometimes start to feel sneezy itchy with fans and can contest after alcohol

However the way that it’s sneezing, running and the fact that antihistamines help a lot points towards allergic rhinitis doesn’t it.. yet I can’t find a specific allergen

This is what I’m confused by
/////However the way that it’s sneezing, running and the fact that antihistamines help a lot points towards allergic rhinitis doesn’t it////

You make a good point, but the symptoms that you describe also fit vasomotor rhinitis. The blood tests being negative involves a protein called IgE which is always present in allergic rhinitis and I presume that level that they found did not indicate an allergy ( well an inhaled one anyway)

So a patient with your symptoms but normal levels of IgE with no clear or obvious explanation, the medical profession make one up...Vasomotor Non Allergic Rhinitis.
Doctors can do that you know ;-)

So that sums up your case......continue antihistamines and intranasal steroids for life......if necesaary.
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Thanks. Yea I grasped a while ago that non allergic means they don’t know what’s wrong as an allergy is not proven ha

I guess as I like to analyse things it means I’m forever wondering what exactly is is and what the cause is. As my symptoms of nasal inflammation are daily (variable from very mild to severe) my nose must be inflamed like ..constantly. I’d pay lots to get to the bottom of it but not sure if further investigations even exist.

I will keep on with the antihistamines/sprays and will just have to deal with the nasopharynx fullness there are worse things I suppose


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Am I Almost Destined To Develop Asthma?

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