Covid 19 Positive. Cough Medicine?

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gordiescotland1 | 19:08 Mon 23rd May 2022 | Body & Soul
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Hi there.
Last night I went to bed with a sore throat and a cough. Got up this morning feeling a lot worse. I took a lateral flow test to my horror I saw 2 red lines as clear as anything. So i am now isolating until i get 2 days of negative. Feeling pretty rough all my joints are aching, I have no appetite at all so I must really be ill. But worst Is this cough. Dry cough really tight chest. I want someone to go to the chemist for me and get cough medicine but I have had problems in the past with a fast heart rate with some of them. I have Atrial fibrillation under control most of the time i would like to keep it that way. Any ideas anything safe?
I went to mum and dad for dinner last night when I woke up yesterday morning I told my mother I had a sore throat and she said I was being neurotic, not unusual!! She said she had one but it went away. I tested before I went and it was negative.
Anyway they think I got it on Wednesday night I went to the pub to watch the Rangers game with a friend it was quite crowded. Mum thinks I got it there. But there is no way she can prove it. I was on the bus the other day and a woman was coughing behind me I kept on turning round and giving her dirty looks. I cant believe I have managed to avoid it for 2 years and got it now


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I wouldn't bother with cough medicine - it probably won't work anyway.
When I had covid I found a spoonful of honey helped a bit.
hney lemon and whiskey is fun to drink
anything with codeins in it - as the pharmacist

I take paracetamol laced with codeine ( 15 mg I think )
Do you know for certain you have not had it previously? Anyway, it doesn't really matter. Everybody, absolutely everybody will eventually be exposed to the virus, most probably multiple times in their lifetime. The sooner you catch it the earlier you build up resistance to its effects.
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I will try the honey definitely. I dont have any whisky. I certainly Take Cocodamol for joint pain. I have gin, vodka, baileys in the house I don't know if honey would go with any of them !! But I will put honey in a cup of lemon and ginger herbal tea. Thanks
yes quite agree you should take huney and lemon with a wee dram.
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I have had both vaccines Pfizer and 1 booster. So hopefully that will help
this seems straightforward Gordie

an immunosuppressed relation ( fully vaccinated) has had it twice and said she thought she was gonna die both times.

the unvaccinated crazies who are dying with covid have ceased to make the news - band member last week and the Times really concentrated on his muzak
if you have taken codeine and still have the cough
then there is little you can do beside sip honey and watch tel
I agree with the posters above re your cough.
However if there is no impedement to you taking Ibuprofen, then that would be my advice.
Although Ibuprofen isn't a cough suppresant as such it is an anti-inflammatory drug which would reduce the inflammation and loosen the cough.
If you cant take Ibuprofen then follow the advice given above.
Geordie...many of us "got away with it" and didn't get covid for 2 years...and then got it. Myself included. Most people I know who've had it recently didn't get a particularly bad cough. Just rest and keep comfortable and you'll feel much better in a couple of days.
Must be doing the rounds. It was almost a badge of honour to me that I got to 2 years Covid-free, only to contract it after a random test in work whilst being totally asymptomatic.
What I can advise is that you must under no circumstances buy Asda own brandy cherry cough medicine, it is absolutely disgusting.
I asked my partner to go back immediately and get a bottle of buttercup syrup, which I should have done in the first instance.
Sorry to hear this Geordie and I think we'd all be a bit worried if we got a positive, it's ony natural. I'd take the advice you've been given above, especially the honey bit for your cough.
When I have a cold type virus and feel rough I like to drink a 'warming' alcohol like whisky, brandy, ginger wine etc so from what you have in stock a Baileys would go down nicely, might help you relax and sleep. Hope you feel better soon.
I have had it twice, although I have had 3 vaccines. Don't beat your head around trying to work out where you caught it, you will never know ! The first time I also had a bad cough and fever, felt iffy for a couple of days. Drink tons of water and take ibufren or paracetamol is my advice, rest and let someone spoil you. The second time, nearly a year later, the worst thing I had was a vey sore throat ( took strepsils which helped a lot ) and a bit of fatigue. No fever. You'll be fin in a few days.
You can take some cough medicines with AF but should avoid those with a decongestant. Ask the pharmacist or ring 111 for advice.

You've been in crowded places so shouldn't be surprised you've got Covid - it is still a risk. It's a shame your dirty looks didn't protect you :D
I find Broncho Stop cough mixture and pastilles are effective. Check with the chemist about the atrial fibrillation.
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Thanks everyone. Still feeling quite rough. My eyes are sore and so Is my neck. I still have my sense of smell and taste. I don't have a temperature but I do feel hot and cold all the time. Still no appetite. O2 is good at 96. I don't want to say this too early but beginning to think that this may be a mild dose. ??
quite likely, gordie, thevaccines may well have lessened the symptoms you might otherwise have had. Ask the chemist about which cough mixtures are good for you, and don't worry about who you caught it from, there's nothing to be done about that.
So there are people still testing themselves? Whatever for? What does it achieve?
dave, surely it means that if you test positive you can purposefully avoid contact with people you know have serious health conditions.

Any visitors to my home must test negative as I have two elderly, sick relatives living with me.
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My parents are in their 80s, probably fitter than I am and I'm 50. But before I go to their house I want to check I'm negative.

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