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hellywelly4 | 16:13 Sun 22nd May 2022 | Body & Soul
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I tested positive for covid on March 30th and have been quite unwell ever since. Yesterday I went for my booster and have a rotten headache today. I have felt very nauseous for the past couple of weeks. Will it ever go? I live on my own and am feeling quite sorry for myself!


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I'm no medical expert, so I looked the problem up. I hope that this website provides some help.
On a personal view, you should not have had your booster, which should have been delayed.

This nausea, will settle and is not something to worry about, just monitor the situation over the next couple of weeks.

I havent opened the link given above, but it my well give you added help.
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Thank you for your help, both of you. I do feel quite a bit better tonight so hope it will continue.
Did they not question you before the booster, and if so did you reveal the test result ?
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Canary - Yes I told them the day I tested positive. It’s more than the 28 days required.
// you should not have had your booster,//

there is a trial of boosting those with long covid and shows a benefit ( came up in the last thread on this)

BUT - boosted a few days ago, and THEY said (coz I looked ) delay for 4 weeks.
from the info given, I think they followed the rules

as for the symptoms - wait and see
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Not sure what you mean Peter.
everyone else does
helly......not to worry PP means that scientifically you were within the rules to give you your 4th vaccination, but I was responding on a personal level, that is what would I have done in your situation.

I think that is what he means ;-)

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