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Wispy68 | 14:59 Mon 16th May 2022 | Body & Soul
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If a person with an addiction (smoking for example), were to have an injury, which put them in a coma for a year or longer, would they still have the addiction after waking?


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Never thought of it before, Wispy. I would imagine that after so long inactive, the body would have rid itself of the need for whatever substance the patient was addicted to. Just a guess, mind you.
Not physically, no. Their body would have gone through all the withdrawal in that time. But it doesn't mean they wouldn't come round and want a cigarette out of habit and quickly get back into it. They wouldn't have done the mental preparation part of stopping.
Forgot to add that i gave up smoking after 40 odd years of puffing my brains out. Didn't take that long for my body to re-acclimatise itself to the 'new' me:-)
well the physical addiction would go within a fortnight for most things but most of these things are really about the mental side of it. I've heard many smokers say that they still get occasional cravings even after decades of having given up.
well they would have their addictive personality

but yes - addiction to substances ( tobacco, heroin) would go.
Used to be used as a therapy - but the people doing it - Psychiatrists werent that good at attending to detail and a few patients died
Messy - GMC involved - ow!
bit here

has not realised it was that unfashionable

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Coma/Still Addicted

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