Can I Stay On A 2200 Calorie Deficit?

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ANUMBERONE28 | 20:30 Sun 15th May 2022 | Body & Soul
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I've lost 70 pounds, I was 314 now I weigh 240. I went a bit too fast at the start, I was 1500, then I upped to 1800, now I am 2200. I find this to be an easy number to stay on and it still provides me with slow and steadier weight loss. I'm quite anxious about reverse dieting and they say you don't want to get used to being on a calorie deficit for too long but I don't mind because I will in theory eventually reach my target weight about 10 stone and stay there and by then the weight loss should be very slow. This isn't too far from my apparent guideline anyway. Would be this an ok enough number to stay on? I find it useful and giggles enough for my dieting and eventually maintenance. Thank you in advance.


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I once calculated that you need 33 calories a day/kg (or 15 calories a day/lb) of body weight (to maintain that weight) – for an average person.

e.g. a person consuming 2,200 calories per day would have a stable weight of 67kg (or 147lb).

So I would say consuming the number of calories to meet your target weight is a reasonable thing to do – just that it will take longer than if you were on a lower calorie diet.

Although it might take a bit longer – to my mind it is a good thing to do, as this is the food intake you will have to maintain if you want to maintain that weight.
What you should realise from my above post is that at 314lb you would have been consuming over 4,500 calories/day. To reach your target weight and maintain it, you will need to consume less than half this amount.

Given your weight loss to date, you have done well – but if once you reach your target weight, you increase your calorie intake significantly, you will increase your weight (as happens to many who have slimmed down, dieting).
The less you weigh, the fewer calories your body needs to function, so you need to reduce your calories as your weight drops. Unless you’re able and happy to maintain at 2200. Or apparently if you start weight lifting, that means you need more calories to build and maintain your muscle.
Yes that's a fine plan. A smaller deficit is usually better in the long run.

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Can I Stay On A 2200 Calorie Deficit?

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