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Thisoldbird | 05:38 Wed 11th May 2022 | Body & Soul
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It's looking like we may have to have a hospital bed at home when my husband is discharged from hospital.

We already changed from double to singles which is fine but they are both against a wall. Hospital bed will need to allow nurses/ carers to use both side of bed..our second very tiny bedroom is already crammed with other equipment he needs.

Before anyone down sizes make sure you keep this sort of situation in mind.
At this rate I'll be sleeping in the shed!!
I'm normally such an organised person I'm hating this disruption.
The other option is go into care. I really haven't the heart to do that to him. It's like turning someone out of there home.

This isnt a question just me rambling on a sleepless night of worry.


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It is amazing what the human body is capable of when the focus is caring for a loved one, old bird. It is obvious from what you have written that you care so much for your OH and I feel that with sufficient help and support you will cope. Let those who will be calling into your home do as much as they can to ease your work load. Thank goodness for the help of nice...
11:43 Thu 12th May 2022
difficult times..but you will do what is best for him...take all the help you can..xx
Could you turn the lounge into a bedroom and the bedroom into a lounge?
That’s what we did for my dad so my stepmother could still sleep near him but would have somewhere to relax
^^ excellent idea..I did the same for FIL..he needed so much room for health visitors equipment etc... and his bedroom became a small sitting room..couple of sofas..telly...
/////Could you turn the lounge into a bedroom and the bedroom into a lounge?////

That is mega.

My solution:
You have to get rid of the single bed and move into the spare room for you too sleep in.........get used to it as it is your only bite the bullet.

Mrs sqad feels for you.
P.S Make sure you apply for Carer's Allowance.
//...our second very tiny bedroom is already crammed with other equipment he needs. //
So what happens to all the equipment? Switching lounge and bedroom seems the most sensible long as the new set up contains bed, equipment etc.
There are so many facets to be considered over the problem of accommodating space.

You have probably shared a bedroom for a long time, old bird. Would there be separation anxiety? Would you have to check up on OH several times in the night?

If you do move into the spare room, where would you accommodate the items OH needs for treatment and his well-being? Would he want to see them all the while in his bedroom? I suspect you need to have them close at hand so storing them downstairs might not be practical.

Would it be possible to store your bed into the spare room along with the equipment and get a smaller sofa type be somewhere in the main bedroom? But then I think that is not fair on you - you deserve a comfortable bed.

Turning the house upside down by moving lounge upstairs might make the space less useable if your husband has mobility issues - when would you be able to use a lounge?

Some nights are the pits are they not? I do understand at least some of what you are going through. I do hope you can find a reasonable solution that will please both of you. Very best wishes to you.
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Thank you all for responding. It's a small ground floor apartment, only 1 entrance door.
Some equipment is only used occasionally such as wheelchair. Commode as and when needed. Usually several times a day..some furniture from our room already disposed of or in the very small spare room.
Not straight forward as yet.
One doesn't normally think of these issues affecting you..old age is the pits, the longer it goes on.
The other alternative is going into care.. I couldn't do that to him. Together over 60 years. There has to be a few more hoops we can jump through before we go down that route. X.
More power to your elbow, old bird ;) You make a very valid point about downsizing but I do wonder how many would stick it out together, or are able to so do? Just make sure you look after yourself too.
Have you had a talk together bout care? Is it you or he or both that dint want it? My suggestion would be trying it for a recovery week when he comes our of hospital. Some people thrive in care... the worries they had about it melt away when they experience it. His worries about you too perhaps? You can go back to being a wife, not his carer.
SQAD, Carer's Allowance is payable only if the person being cared for is in receipt of specific benefits.

Even if awarded, it's not payable if, for example, the person it's awarded to is in receipt of a higher amount of State Pension or Retirement Pension.
////SQAD, Carer's Allowance is payable only if the person being cared for is in receipt of specific benefits.////

Indeed I should have said" Attendance Allowance.
Question Author
Thank you, he does get Attendance allowance.

We have talked..he had 2 weeks respite a few months ago. He hated it. He does know we may have to consider it at at some point. For all his ailments he is a sociable man likes a chat watch tv..but the care home he went too was beautiful lovely staff. Sadly the residents were mostly dementia patients or unable/unwilling to hold a conversation.
LOL....sad really.
Do take all the help you can. Is there anyone in your family or friends that could possibly take some of your furniture/ belongings in your spare bedroom to give you more space? I sincerely hope you can get this sorted out, so you can be together x
If a person being cared for receives Attendance Allowance then the carer can apply for Carers Allowance.
danny , he can, but Attendance Allowance is not means tested but Carer's Allowance is means tested.
Some people thrive in care homes. I personally would not choose a care home which also took dementia patients. This has been a big issue for a friend of mine. Fortunately she is now in a care home with no dementia patients. My mother had to go into care and we ended up having a much better relationship than we did when I was her carer. I saw her frequently and even had meals with her in the care home for a small donation to their funds. And we both became happier and more relaxed. Caring for someone at home is a struggle for both. And carers coming in can totally destroy your life because its invasive.
Carers allowance is not payable to people over state retirement age.
//Carer's allowance is not means tested, which means it is not affected by your income or savings (although there is an earnings limit). It is taxable. Any savings you have do not affect your carer's allowance.//

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