Cold And Palpertations, What Could These Symptoms Be?

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gandypandy | 14:51 Tue 03rd May 2022 | Body & Soul
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I have cold hands and feet, and almost constant palpitations, like hard echos, but no one else can feel them, always cold and tired, sometimes worse after eating, have IBS but never done this before, ekg heart monitor results normal, bloods tested, thyroid normal, have type 2 diabetes but is good and under control, getting tested but want to get a heads up on what possibly could be cant fathom how not heart or thyroid, so confused, obviously wont take advice as gospal but need possible things to look into with doctors, thought someone has had this.


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////how not heart or thyroid, ///

Your ECG and thyroid tests are normal, thus ruling out thyroid problems and unlikely to be cardiac problems.
Cold hands and feet might suggest Peripheral Vascular Disease due possibly to your Diabetes.
A heart problem cannot be ruled out completely.

You might need heart scan and possibly X-Rays on your leg blood vessels.

You are American.
What are hard echos?
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fyi i am in UK, and hard echos are echoed heart beats that are loud or impactful as in hard, also i was advised my cholesterol was a little high at 5 i think if that means anything, i cant proove this is happening to me really and not sure what to say to doc to do next its gonna take forever
Thanks for your reply, my advice 15.01 May 3rd remains unaltered.
When you had your thyroid tested, did they test your T4 or just your thyroid stimulating hormone? I suspected my thyroid was underactive for years but the NHS would only test the TSH which was 'borderline' I finally went to a private endocrinologist who did the full test and wrote my GP a rather stiff letter. I`ve been on thyroxine ever since. I was also told that an even slightly underactive thyroid can cause raised cholesterol which has happened to me.

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Cold And Palpertations, What Could These Symptoms Be?

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