High Blood Pressure Reading?

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windywillow | 10:27 Tue 19th Apr 2022 | Body & Soul
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I was advised to monitor to my blood pressure readings by a nurse at the doctor's surgery whilst having a diabetes check up a few weeks ago. I monitored twice a day over 7 days and the average reading was 131/82 (morning) and 138/95 (evening).

I thought my readings were a bit high and that maybe I'd have to increase my meds (I already take Ramipril, Felodipine and Bisoprolol for blood pressure) but so far I've heard nothing back from the surgery.

Should I be worried, or are these readings okay, given that I have diabetes and high blood pressure?

TIA for any replies.


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About the same readings as me (I take ramipril & amlodipine). I'm not worried!
Matter of opinion windy.
Some doctors would say, too high so increase the dose of your BP tablets, others would say not to worry.

Me ? Yes, a little high, but no big deal. Monitor the situation further next 6 months, after which time get back to us...on reflection, after 3 months.
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Much appreciated, thank you.
The 'normal' reading should be 140/90
You have nothing to worry about.
if a reading seems high, try waiting a few minutes and doing it again; they can fluctuate quite a lot.
140/90 might well be regarded as the upper limits of the normal range, and you might hope to be a bit lower than that
Whichever way one wants to play it 140/90 is unacceptable.
depends what age you are too, I believe.
BillyD // 120/80 is normal BP reading.
DTC, latest from the NHS is that idseal blood pressure for the elderly is now that same as for the young i.e 120/80.
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Thanks for replies, all.

Jno, I know what you mean about it fluctuating, sometimes I took it 3 times within a minute or two and got a vastly different reading each time. In that situation I plumped for the middle one. Whether that was the best thing to do, I don't know.
Take 3 readings I was told within about 10/15 and divide each number by 3. That will give you an average. I have my doubts about some of these BP machines on the market.
Add all the top numbers together and divide by 3, same with bottom numbers.
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Thanks sandra. I too wonder about the monitors. The one we bought was recommended to my OH by his doctor. I think it's called Omron.

He has taken it into the surgery a couple of times and they've checked it against their machine (as suggested by the doc) and declared it "good enough". Let's hope they're right. :0)

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