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Redhelen72 | 10:34 Thu 14th Apr 2022 | Body & Soul
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Good Morning,

I was wondering if anyone has partaken in grief counselling and if it was useful?
I am really struggling to move on from losing some very people (to me) over the last 3 years and wonder if this would help.


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One of my friends received grief counselling and found it invaluable... but she had to wait nine months for the first appointment. That was pre-Covid, so the wait might be even longer now.
Start with CruseChat.
I haven’t used them myself, but just a contact with a sympathetic person might help first. And then decide if you want to go further.
Best wishes.
RH, I should have said... my friend's counselling was through the NHS, the only option she explored.
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Thank you for taking the time - I will probably go private rather than wait further.
Once again thank you
my husband had 12 sessions with Cruse after we lost our daughter in 2020. He found it invaluable (and didnt have to wait long) It was during covid so it was done over the phone, which suited him well.
Your work will have an employee assistance program i would have thought, which you can usually access counselling through.
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Yes Bednobs you are right - I will speak to them I don't know why I did'nt think of them before
I doubt it will do any harm .
plus, you arent commited to a whole course - if you find the first one unhelpful, you can always stop
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My niece used Cruse after her mother died and found them very helpful
I had counselling for something else - and it was a training subject for the learner-counsellor
and I found it quite helpful

others dont
or - - may not

SOME find a discussion about their feelings DOESN'T help but intensifies the distress. They obviously dont find counselling a help. ( I think this is an issue in Post traumatic stress disorder)

I would say - try it and see - - - (but that may be the wrong advice)
I doubt it will do any harm . - - some people do - talking about it intensifies the grief.

others have found that the course is not altered ( = doesnt work)

Our son sadly took his own life during the first lockdown in 2020 and I had some grief counselling a few months later when face to face sessions were allowed. It was good just to talk to someone outside the family ( not always about my feelings but often just general chat) What I found most helpful was the practical advice she gave me on how to cope and respond in certain situations once I was able to ‘ face the outside world ‘ again.

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Grief Counselling

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