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Thisoldbird | 23:46 Wed 13th Apr 2022 | Body & Soul
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My husband has been loaned an airflow mattress as he is developing bed sores

Its plugged in and running 24/7.

I'm wondering how much it's going to cost us especially with electricity prices going through the roof.

Anyone know the answer ?


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Don't panic!

I've just looked at the specifications of several Airflow mattresses, such as this one:

They all have a power rating of only 12W. (Other makes might vary but probably not by very much). Running one for 24 hours would use 24 x 0.012 kWh of energy = 0.288 kWh.

The price of 1 kWh of electricity (at my address and using British Gas's Standard Variable tariff as an example) is 29.24p, including VAT.

So that means that the daily cost of running the pump is 0.288 x 29.24 pence, which is about 8½p. That equates to about £2.50 per month.
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Thank you Buenchico. That's very helpful.

It looks very much like the mattress my husband is using.
have you spoken your power company? My M-I-L had to have medical equipment running 24/7 and got a discount because of it
having done a quick search i think it's only for oxygen concentrators though
Hi. I wonder why you need an airflow mattress. Wouldn’t it be better to buy just a memory foam one? You know, I used to have the same mattress as yours. Tbh, I was not pleased that I still had to pay for it. And my back was still hurting, so I bought a memory foam mattress. This article helped me a lot, actually And, you know, I understand that people are different, but I’d rather buy myself an m.f. mattress instead of airflow one. Thanks to the first one, my back and neck don’t hurt anymore.
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Hi, the reason for an airflow mattress was to ease a nasty pressure sore my husband had developed. He had a memory foam mattress but it wasn't helpful in our case.

Since I first posted about the mattress my husband spent 7 weeks in hospital and now 3 in a nursing home. At each place he is using an airflow mattress

I can quite see how it wouldn't help a painful back tho.

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