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jennyjoan | 14:41 Sat 02nd Apr 2022 | Body & Soul
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caught a glimpse of her at the great menu thing - absolutely so old looking with that grey hair pulled back.

get a colour Anita and get a trendy haircut.

I got a spiky haircut on Thursday and I love it. Audiologist couldn't believe my age as did another lady from my Ipad class.

Now if I could lose some weight - I could maybe look a bit younger - do credit Astral cream for the skin.


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In fairness JJ, she is 72.
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so am I in November
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Mind you I am only telling you in secret as I don't know any of you LOL
As long as she's happy with her look, I don't see what it matters. Feel the same about Dawn French going natural with her barnet.
*taps nose and winks* I hear you. 32 this year. ☺
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I wish Mozz - I do dream about it. But I wouldn't be 32 again - went through too much as everybody has.

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I am actually listening to "Memories" - Trevor Kelly on Belfast 89 - fabulous music. So I am trying to sing to it LOL
If Anita and Dawn are content with being themselves, good for them. We all have different priorities
I'd happily go back 30 odd years, as long as I regain the knowledge, experience and memories I have today! That's cheating I know.
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another song on now "you have a groovy kind of love" LOL.

I'm only saying re Anita - she could look much younger big time. Nice woman tho.
My MIL has just turned 71 and you would never ever know - you could easily knock 10 years off her age. Mind you she always dresses younger than her age i.e. keep fit gear half the time(trainers/leggings etc) for her keep fit classes, walking etc, she is pedantic about daily/nightly moisturisers, always has her hair coloured and kept fairly short. She looks amazing!! Don’t know if I’d even recognise her with grey hair lol.
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arky - she looks really good in first link.
Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders if I remember correctly JJ. I prefer 60s stuff with a bit more oomph.
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oh Mozz - you get all genres with Trevor. Mind you I am listening through my wonderful headphones - and I also don't know half of the songs LOL.
I listen to Spotify more than I do the radio to be honest. I whack some random playlist on and see what it gives me! I recently got some cordless bluetooth headphones a little while back. They're great!
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can't have bluetooth as I think you have to have a smart something or other - no, very happy with these as Chris (Buen) advised. He has them too.
She does look pretty old for her age,but skinny people often do. Her hair looks nice to me and suits her. Grey hair worn up looks good on older ladies but not hanging down imo.

I used to get taken for very much younger until Ill health took its toll. I don't look in mirrors these days because there's some freaky old lady nthere spying on me!!
Some people, like me, just like to grow old gracefully.

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