Definitely For The Ladies...

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pastafreak | 13:06 Tue 29th Mar 2022 | Body & Soul
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And anyone else willing to listen...

Elaine Miller, a Scottish comedian and physiotherapist who specialises in women's issues. Very enlightening and informative regarding incontinence, menopause, the effect of hormones...both what we are born with, and those taken to assist or change what we are. Devastatingly funny yet sad at the same time.
She doesn't pull any punches...


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Gave up after 2 minutes. Sorry. I can never understand why comediennes feel they have to be so crude to get a laugh.
She does seem to find her material very funny.
I enjoyed that. Thanks for posting, Pasta.
Question Author
237sj...maybe because part of her subject matter is something most women won't/can't discuss...wetting yourself is crude. She was a physiotherapist first and with humour she makes it way more approachable. Once you get past the language you realise she feels deeply about women and how many issues are overlooked by the doctors they see. There are also some quite controversial issues relating to hormones and trans people she discusses that most of us would never aware of...
I saw all of that video, pasta and it was worth my time. I didn't find her talk too expletive laden and it is worth seeing through that to get the benefit of her wisdom, experience and knowledge.

I am impressed she pursued the rejection of her paper and ended up contacting the House of Lords. She knows her stuff all right and what she delivers is evidence-based. Her talk was educational, thought provoking and wise. I sincerely hope she continues with her efforts for I feel she can make a big difference in her chosen field.
Ok. It's just that I have had a really sheltered life.
Nothing wrong with that, SJ and I was not criticising you.

Very good... can't wait :-/
Sorry, choux my comment was tongue in cheek. I have had anything but a sheltered life!
Thanks for posting, interesting. Also annoying for laughing at her own jokes.
Throughout the jokes, an excellent lesson .
Question Author first I also thought she was laughing. Then I looked closely and noticed the laughter did not sync with her facial expressions. I think it was someone else.
Now I understand Douglas's remark. ;)

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Definitely For The Ladies...

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