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matron 22 | 22:11 Sat 26th Mar 2022 | Body & Soul
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Can you reverse hypertension by changing to a healthier lifestyle? By this I mean stopping smoking, exercise more and eating healthy diet. Really don't want to start medication. Thanks for any advice


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Us .
Sorry,,,, yes .
Sqad (who is a retired doctor on this site) has repeatedly said that, while things such as lifestyle changes can certainly help a bit, for most people there's no real alternative to medication (such as taking amlodipine tablets, which countless AB members, including myself, seem to be on).
No, it's probably in your genes like me.

I have tried to improve lifestyle, but still have to take a daily tablet.

Absolutely no side effects noticed.
try it and see
are big pharma's antihypertensives a hoax or fake? nope

they must work because..... around 50% buck them at some time. I find beta-blockers pretty awful ( and take half a tab every day)
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