Bowel Cat Scan & Sigmoidoscopy

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nailit | 19:50 Sun 13th Mar 2022 | Body & Soul
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Got go for a CT scan on wednesday
& a further sigmoidoscopy (date to be arranged) later on.

Had some rectal bleeding for nearly 3 weeks (everyday) but its since ceased.
1) Is it worth taking up valuable NHS resourses going for these procedures?
2) What does a sigmoidoscopy entail?

Had a colonoscapcy some years ago and polyps cut out.
Also had some rectal bleeding issues that required cauterasatian. (piles)

Had intermitant anal bleeding for decades, but never 3 weeks on the trot
(so to speak...)

Actually feel like im wasting both resourses and time here as it stopped
(as abrubtley as it began)
And I feel fine otherwise.


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Definately worth going. Sigmoidoscopy is same as colonoscopy but they go up to your sigmoid colon. Cat scan will pick up anything outside your colon. Adjacent organs etc. just because bleeding stopped doesn't mean everything is back to normal. This fro one who knows. You are not wasting resources
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//just because bleeding stopped doesn't mean everything is back to normal//

Ive had intermitant rectal bleeding for decades
(late 20s - now 55)
Colonosopy & caurterised piles,,,thats all thats ever been found.
Still a bit mysified as to why I keep bleeding from behind every now and then,
If you're mystified, you'll remain that way without the upcoming investigations.
If you're worried about being a drain on NHS resources, look at it this way:

If there is something nasty going on up there, and it's caught early, the NHS will only have to use moderate resources to keep you alive (and will almost certainly succeed). However if there is something nasty up there, and it's not picked up until much later, the NHS will need to use massive resources to try to keep you alive (and will then, quite possibly, fail).

I'm living with incurable cancer because I was a total wally and didn't seek help early enough when there were signs that not everything was right with my prostate. There are already enough wallies like me in the world, thank you! We don't need you to add to our numbers ;-)
You'll probably find out when you've been for your scan and your sigmoidoscopy.
//Ive had intermitant rectal bleeding for decades//

All the more reason to go you "head". Stop being a mardarse and get the answers. Or is that what you are afraid of? Get going Nails and sort it one way or t'other.
Have you got bowel cancer, that is the question that needs answering?

With the history that I have read on your posts, the answer is no, you probably haven't. If that explanation satisfies you then cancel your appointment, but only the investigations that you have been suggested with give you that answer.

Colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy are the same as calmck posted.

It is your choice.
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//Have you got bowel cancer,//
Never once have I thought that I have bowel cancer.
Just want to know why I keep wiping blood from my arrise for weeks on end?

And its not just a bit.
Its soaked.
Attend the appointments then!
/////Never once have I thought that I have bowel cancer./////

Well think about it.
Nailit; with all due respect, you should go to see an arris specialist in the flesh, rather than hoping that Sqad will diagnose you by telepathy. Pluck up your courage and go find out!
Atheist, what is sqad diagnosing?
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////Never once have I thought that I have bowel cancer./////
Well think about it.

Sorry, what the hell you on about?
Ive already said that I just want to know why I keep bleeding from my arris?
Well, go and find out!
Goodnight Nailit.
I'm sure that nobody here is saying that you've got bowel cancer, Nailit, but I feel fairly certain that many people are thinking that it can't be ruled out without the tests that you've been asked to attend the hospital for. One in fifteen men in the UK are diagnosed with bowel cancer at some time during their lives. On average, 45 people die every day in this country from it but they're nearly always people who left it too late before getting their condition diagnosed.

Why take risks? Turn up for your appointment!
Sqad, 19:30. I don't think you are diagnosing anything - you can't do that from a distance. That's why Nailit should go see his local experts.
NAILIT, if you're not happy with the advice, walk away and do whatever you want, it's your body and your decision.
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I had 2 questions.
Is it it worth taking up NHS Resources?
What does a sigmoidoscopy entail?

Thanks for replies anyway.

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Bowel Cat Scan & Sigmoidoscopy

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