Bowel Cat Scan & Sigmoidoscopy

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nailit | 19:50 Sun 13th Mar 2022 | Body & Soul
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Got go for a CT scan on wednesday
& a further sigmoidoscopy (date to be arranged) later on.

Had some rectal bleeding for nearly 3 weeks (everyday) but its since ceased.
1) Is it worth taking up valuable NHS resourses going for these procedures?
2) What does a sigmoidoscopy entail?

Had a colonoscapcy some years ago and polyps cut out.
Also had some rectal bleeding issues that required cauterasatian. (piles)

Had intermitant anal bleeding for decades, but never 3 weeks on the trot
(so to speak...)

Actually feel like im wasting both resourses and time here as it stopped
(as abrubtley as it began)
And I feel fine otherwise.


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Sigmoidoscopy involve the insertion of a camera to scope out your internals, usually done with sedation.
You may have to take a preparation to fully clear the bowel and the rest the day/night before. Don't stray more than a few paces from the lavvy until you're sure it's all over.
Very straightforward procedure.
Yes it is worth taking up the valuable resources, you are as valuable as the next person.

Eat as little as possible the day before you have the preperation to clear the bowel. Drink clear fluid. Go for the procedure, you'll hardly feel a thing.
Don't say no to the sedative. They convinced me not to have it because you have to wait until it wears off and you can't drive afterwards. They also check that there will be someone with you when you get home. But it really hurt me without the sedative and they had to stop.

But go ahead and have it if only tonputb
Go ahead if only to put your mind at rest.

I have had 2 sigmoidoscopies, the sigmoid is the first part of the colon from where the camera enters, it is about 18 inches. I was told that if the bleeding is bright red that is where it is most likely coming from.

I was not offered sedation on either occasion, which again I was told was normal, the first time it was a doddle, unfortunately the second was very painful but that is because I have redundant colon and it had become kinked. I was given gas and air to alleviate it.
"What does sigmoidoscopy entail" You lay on your side while they stick an instrument inside you that inflates your bowel. That can hurt a bit (well it did me, I was clinging onto the outside of the bed). The instrument has a light, camera and an attachment that can remove and measure any polyps that they find. If the polyps are larger than 5mm then you go back for a colonoscopy. Then you go home with a warning that you might bleed a bit (I didn;t)
Oh, and you can watch it all on a screen if you want to.
This might help:
My husband sounds just like you but over ten years ago.
"I feel fine" while all the time bleeding from his rectum.
If I hadn't put my foot down with a firm hand he wouldn't be here today so don't be so stubborn and go and get it done.
Always better to face up to reality, so GO and find out! Here also is a message for Buenichico; I think you are wonderful and sensible. I am very sorry to read your news, but must remind you we all do, or fail to do, sensible things so don`t spoil the time you have left in self abnegation. Thinking of both of you.
Sigmoidoscopy , feels the same as a colonoscopy, still a tube up your bum, gas is blown up into your colon to give a clearer view. Doesn't take as long and rarely needs sedation.

Just because the bleeding had a benign origin in the last doesn't mean it might be different now and if the bleeding is heavy you could become anaemic which at the very least will make you feel pretty rubbish. At the current time no one is being booked for anything non essential. Go and get it over with.
For QC: Thank you! At the moment, everything is under control and I'm planning on being around for quite some time yet ;-)

I hope that you're fit and healthy too.
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Thanks for replies.
Booked in for CAT scan in a couple of days.
Sigmoidoscapy yet to be confirmed.

Question Author
Buen *IS* Answerbank.....
He's immortal!
It's good to read that you're going ahead with the tests, Nailit.

I hope that they find nothing serious. (Even if they do though, an early diagnosis is always far better than a late one).
I've GOT to be immortal, Nailit. I've no choice! The cats need me ;-)
Question Author
We all need a reason for existence Chris, lol!
Of course you should, nailit - if there happened to be something there, the earlier that they pick something up, if at all, better the chance for you and lower the cost for them.

Win-win all around - one more benefit of cheap sampling like for those bowel sample kits sent out to we dodderies and which I have just had, yet again, but negative - a day turn-around! Okay it costs - but far cheaper than treating me for colon cancer -which nailed my old man.

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Bowel Cat Scan & Sigmoidoscopy

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