What’s The Romantic Thing Someone Has Done?

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RainbowRainbow | 20:26 Wed 26th Jan 2022 | Body & Soul
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Valentine’s Day around the corner.


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I'm not sure that the Valentine's cards I send really count as 'romantic'.

Here's the inside of the one I sent last year

. . . and here's the front cover of the one I'm sending this year

He has always, always, forgotten to send me a card. I've got tired of explaining that I sent him one because I just liked the picture and it didn't matter.. He says, romantically, that his love for me is always so obvious that he doesn't need to send one. So I'm not bothering this year - bet he sends me one! It's our Wedding Anniversary next week - much the same, but I've still bought a card - more in hope than expectation. :(
I was expecting better this year, Chris. :-(
My now husband gave me a key to his house about 5 or 6 weeks after we met and bought me a dressing gown and slippers to keep at his house. It's thoughtful little things like that that made me realise very early on he was a keeper.
My hubby is romantic most days. It's the little things that count for me rather than one big romantic gesture.
I’ve had flowers but believe fresh flowers belong in the garden not in a vase ,we don’t do Valentines because we don’t need to …
What’s the most romantic thing?
He made a mince and onion plate pie and put my name on it with the left over pastry..
Nos that’s romantic :0)
I bought her a new dishcloth once!
My late husband was the most unromantic person on earth. He once bought me a pair of bedsocks! Don't think I ever got anything for Valentine's day.
We don’t bother with the Valentine malarkey , there’s just one winner and that’s retail
//I bought her a new dishcloth once!//
my doris would have been thrilled

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What’s The Romantic Thing Someone Has Done?

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