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gordiescotland1 | 20:12 Wed 26th Jan 2022 | Body & Soul
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I got my results today and the bowel screening result was clear so that's me for another 2 years. However I had a lot of left sided pain lower stomach pain up until 4am. Strangely enough the only thing that helped was diazepam. I guess the colon is a muscle. Being a true scotsman I had haggis turnip and potatoes for tea last night , not sure if that irritated me. I'm suspecting diverticulitis would the only way to get a true diagnosis be a colonoscopy. ?


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so far so good then. Have you suggested diverticulitis to your GP?
So (!) you think something you ate gave you stomach pain & you immediately think of a colonoscopy? Bit of an over-reaction maybe.
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No I'm going to try and get a phone appointment tomorrow
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I've been having this pain on and off for 3 months mainly after I eat and at night and frequent movements immediately after eating with stomach cramps. But no blood so I have always assumed no blood nothing sinister
Either IBS from worrying about the result of the screening or wind from turnips and potoatoes IMO
Well done gordie, diverticulosis?........cant think of a better diagnosis with your symptoms and you are correct a Colonoscopy should sort you out.
You're NOT a 'true Scotsman', Gordie. There's no mention of 'a wee dram' in your Burns' Night meal!

Info about diverticulitis, including how it's diagnosed and treated, can be found on the NHS website:

There's a LOT more info on the website of the Guts UK charity (including, if you've got half an hour to watch it, an embedded YouTube video from the NHS):
I know I suggest this a lot, but if you are intolerant to certain food, you can get a brilliant blood test from York tests online.

It may be that you are having problems because of a dietary thing, rather than a disease. You should definitely get a colonoscopy anyway, but a simple food allergy test could be the answer to why you get pain when you eat.

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