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jennyjoan | 16:39 Wed 26th Jan 2022 | Body & Soul
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How much to pay for privately


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Free on the NHS. Unless you have money to burn.
I paid £1400 to have the first one done, and had the other on the NHS by the same people in the same place. I paid for the first to be done because I was quoted something like a 3 month wait for a consultancy and then joint a 10 month waiting list. My eyes were not going to improve and I was in danger of being unable to drive, even with spectacles. I phoned back to go private and the first was done and dusted within 2 weeks. Disgraceful state of affairs. Had I been one of the new and exciting incomers I would no doubt have got to the fromt of the queue without payment. I told the consultant that I was stumbling on kerbs and stairs and that it was now dangerous to have one good and one poor eye. He furiously had to book me in for the second op pronto and that was done within the month.
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Book - haven't looked at your link at the moment

Sparkly - sister has been told the operation could or will be done in a hospital about 40 miles away - she was under the illusion it would be done in Belfast. 40 miles is alien to her as she hasn't been off her road - apart from visiting me 3 miles away. She has never been on holiday in her life and so she would have a few pounds to pay for it.

She was just wondering if she could pay for it to be done in Belfast.

She is 80 and is extremely set in her ways.
"Had I been one of the new and exciting incomers ..." are you saying you are old and boring then togo :)?
On the telly they tell me that if I donate £10.50 they will do the same operation in Africa on someone who is suffering with cataracts. Perhaps I should have booked a Holiday and had them done there.
Oy ... less of the boring Nobby. :))
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togo - how long was it when you got your first eye done.

you know it is difficult for me dealing with her - she's only off the phone and she says "I don't have a bad cataract".

She told the receptionist (she didn't say this) but she said I will not be having it done and so the next time you see me I will have a white stick.

I just knew things could go awry regarding. I told her I could drive her to this particular hospital - she is now saying "I won't need anybody".
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looking at the links - what is the difference between monofocal and multifocal - would that mean one eye or two eyes
//Whereas a monofocal IOL provides focus at only one distance, a multifocal IOL provides vision across varying distances. As a consequence, it sacrifices the quality of distance vision due to multiple overlapping images of near and distance objects.//,of%20near%20and%20distance%20objects.
I had them done about 6½ years ago Jenny and the op only takes a few hours in the Eye Clinic. I waited about 2 weeks once I went private. The consultants fee was about £300 and once I had seen him and paid!!! I was in for the op. within a week or so. It will differ in every area, and with every Hospital Board, I would think. Ours is one of the worst in the UK. You need to contact the Eye clinic/Hospital direct Jenny and they will give you all the info you need. It is done in a couple of hours after a prior consultancy and the lady will definitely need someone with her. Is it not a crying shame that an 80yr old lady has to jump through the NHS hoops to get treatment for such an easy thing to sort. Makes me seethe.
JJ, if your sister is adamant she won't have it done, she won't have it done. Ask your own GP for a recommendation and contact them yourself for the price. That way you will have the facts for your area
The clinics that conduct the ops are rarely part of a main Hospital and are usually sited in what were the old isolation or chest hospitals. It is a procedure that is somewhat set apart from the emergeny/illness treatment blocks. The longest part of the procedure is the wait after drops have been put into the eye being done. They have to wait to ensure that the iris and automatic eye functions dont take over during the op. The drops inhibit this (I think) You get a sandwich with a cuppa if going private only a biscuit on the NHS. Kin expensive sandwich it was as well.
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well the latest. I rang one particular private hospital literally (if you could walk) it would be 10 minutes walk from where she lives.

The quote is £2,150 and £200 for consultant and of course she needs to get referral from her own GP. Now she has that information - it's up to her now. I'm staying well out of it ie the decision.

She could afford it and for me personally I would pay for it.

Oops - forgot to say this (I need to see the letter from NHS she got today as she can get muddled) but private hospital did say - after consultation with consultant - it could be a few months for actual operation - which she said wouldn't bother her as the cataract doesn't seem to annoy her (so she says).
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thanks Mamy for that link
Last November I paid almost £2800 inc consultant’s fees and follow up - North Wales.
Sadly, the NHS is snowed under with anti-vax patients.
I had a bargain then Boto. N.Wales also. Errrr I don't think the eye clinics were taking covid sufferers in, vaxed or not. They do not do anything other than Eyes. Like a Dentist does teeth. They may have shut down and hid behind the virus, which is a different thing altogether. I do know that if the enaichess had been running the supermarkets we would all have starved or there would have been wholesale looting for food.
Give your sister a tip - white sticks aren't all they are cracked on to be they mostly get ignored.

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