Post Faint Headache

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queenofmean | 14:51 Sat 22nd Jan 2022 | Body & Soul
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Yesterday while I was at my first Diabetic Clinic in 26 months I fainted while having a blood test. This is normal for me but I’m never out for as long as I was. I was out cold for 10 minutes.

Today I have a really really sore head and slight pain in my chest. I assume this is normal.

I am so thankful the nurses were all hands on. I was the only patient who even turned up!

Other than that I’m ok sugars stable, they are happy with me. I felt rough last night but all in all the headache is my biggest annoyance.


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did you bang your head as you landed?
Question Author
No thankfully I was in a chair/bed thing jno.
Poor old you.

Post vasovagal headaches are not uncommon and may indeed last for a couple of days.

Also if you are a migraine sufferer, then a headache is often a lingering symptom of a faint (vaso vagal attack).

If you have a BP machine at home......take a reading.

No big deal, Ibuprofen should settle your problems.
Question Author
Thank you Sqad.

I’m a fainter but I usually come round really quickly. Apparently the fact the chair wasn’t working and I was sat up the whole time probably did me no favours.

That’s good to know, I did try and find out but it never said on Dr Google or NHSinform.

Thank you so much for your advice.

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Post Faint Headache

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