Bowel Polyps

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Barsel | 23:26 Mon 17th Jan 2022 | Body & Soul
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My daughter went for a colonoscopy a while ago and they removed some polyps.
They said they couldn't remove them all so she had to go into hospital to have the rest removed.
This was done today when they removed 15 more polyps and then her husband was told he could collect her and take her home.
When they got home, she went to the bathroom thinking she had wind because of pains in her tummy, but she started passing blood.
Hubby rang the hospital and they said take her to A&E which he did.
When she finished telling me this, she realised she had very little battery left on her mobile, so I haven't been able to ask her anymore about it.
Can somebody tell me what could be going on ,do you think they will keep her overnight?
I won't sleep tonight now for worrying.


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No big deal.
Depending upon how she feels and blood tests are normal, they will probably send her home tonight or at worse keep her overnight.

Not an uncommon situation.
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Sqad, is 15 polyps a lot? I don't know how many she had removed the first time, but I didn't think you could have that many.
Multiple polyps can run into 50-60 or more.
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Wow, I didn't know that. Thanks for your answers.
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My daughter is still not well after having the polyps removed and today spoke to her GP as she has a temperature and is sick if she eats anything.
Doctor said just rest for a few days.
I'm hoping that by reposting, someone might see this that's had this procedure and ask if this happened to you?
Has she still got abdominal pain and still bleeding?

What did they say when she went to A&E?

Did they admit her?
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No Sqad, they didn't admit her, but as well as the polyps, they told her she has diverticulitis.
Her pain is under her diaphragm but even if she has a small amount of soup, she brings it back.
I'm worried about her as this is the daughter I think of as always being strong, never ill.
Might I suggest that you take her back to A&E today as there may be a small chance......that her bowel may have been perforated during polyp removal.
Unlikely, but it does happen.
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I will let her know Sqad.
Her husband has taken the rest of this week off to look after her and take the kids to school, so I will suggest this to him.

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Bowel Polyps

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