Skin Cancer On Bald Scalp

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Thisoldbird | 21:55 Mon 17th Jan 2022 | Body & Soul
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What treatment can be offered to a 90 yr old for scalp cancer?

Its yet to be confirmed after biopsy.

Antibiotics dry up the large puss weeping lesions, only to return to weeping within a few days. GP after seeing photos suggested this could be cancerous.

If any what kind of treatment could be offered, please


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It would only be guesswork at this point, you need to find out the nature of any cancerous growth and how far it has spread,

Wait until results are in then they'll discuss options - wishing you both well.
Depends on what type of cancer it is but if it is one of the two most common cancers.....basal cell carcinoma or sqamous cell carcinoma then wide excision of the lesion with skin grafting will give you a 95% cure.
In the unlikely event of it being a malignant melanoma, then further tests will be required before a treatment plan is instituted.
N.B the two commonest skin cancers rarely spread and are almost always diagnosed before they have spread to other parts of the body (metastasised).
Friends of mine who have bcc or scc have had the area removed and a skin graft (in some cases)
Hi, welcome to the baldies clan! Not me, but OH, He's had what the French called 'croutes' on his head since before I met him - early 2000s. Important to wear a hat in the sun, by the way.
I hope I can remember some of the treatments.
Firstly he had a monthly visit to a skin specialist who would freeze them. That way we kept up with all new outbreaks.

When we moved back to UK in 2015 our GP. continued with the freezing treatment until he retired at the end of 2015.
Since then no-one can do it and he has creams and lotions to control them and I can pick off some of the soft early ones. So far, so good. Basal cell.

One got out of control once in France and bubbled up nastily above his left ear. This was excised. It left quite a large hole in his head (about 1 1/2" in diameter) and I could see his skull clearly. Never seen one before when someone was living inside it. Given careful nursing it healed up in about a year and I can't now see where it was. There are other 'croutes' on it I daresay.

It's not dramatic. You learn to live with it. We are currently struggling with a hole in his leg caused by excising a basal cell carcinoma on his shin several years ago. Again, it's something you live with. Good luck! :)
Who says it's cancer? If it's just a scab it can be burnt off with liquid CO2 & then an ointment applied for a couple of months as it heals.

If it is really cancer you need treatment immediately, either way get thee to a skin specialist pronto !
Khandro........true, but that wasn't the OP.s question which was:

////What treatment can be offered to a 90 yr old for scalp cancer?///
Question Author
It's more than just a scab Khandro. It's several nasty lesions that weep puss..each time he has a course of Antibiotics it dries most of it up but the scabs remain and resume oozing puss with in a few days. The appointment letter said his symptoms could be the returning festering that isnt healed with the medication. He has seen a Dermatologist within the 2 week fast track. Plus now had a biopsy at weekend. Tonight its looking very messy.
So it's not confirmed cancer yet then?

I'd wait on a confirmed diagnosis. It could be actinic keratosis or something else.
I would think excision & a skin graft might be needed.
Question Author
Thank you all.

Obviously need to wait biopsy results, I couldn't imagine how or what treatment might be offered.

sqad; Yes; I hadn't as usual, read the OP properly.

What is important in passing, is that no man with a bare noddle should ever go out into direct sunlight without wearing a hat !
That will apply not only to older naturally bald men, but to younger ones following the modern trend of having shaven heads as well.

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Skin Cancer On Bald Scalp

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