Painful Right Arm

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collareddove12 | 18:51 Sun 16th Jan 2022 | Body & Soul
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I have had a pain in right arm, mainly upper muscle which radiates down to my hand and up to shoulder sometimes - for 18 months. I usually cope easily and stop tapping on my tablet so much. Unfortunately, a week ago it got really bad when doing a strenuous job and now I'm having trouble coping. I'm using left arm as and when but that is now getting similar pains. I have been told in past that I shouldn't take Ibuprofen as I had a TIA some years ago but Paracetamols only help slightly. Can I take Ibuprofen just for a few days? It feels like RSI as I've been diagnosed with it before but not for a long time


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I'd steer clear of Ibruprofen (O.H. can't take it due to heart issues, but manages on paracetamol).
Sounds to me as if you need some serious physio. I know whereof I speak. I had a similar 'all seized up' once after drawing in detail for 2 hours. Extend R. arm and (under control) make a saluting movement towards your brow was one exercise. Whatever, you need physio. and keep taking the paracetamol. :)
Interesting question.

First of all the relief of your pain is the real issue and if Paracetamol is not doing the business, then discontinue it.

There are downsides to taking Ibuprofen and are well ...too well....documented although uncommon.

I will not go over them, but will stick to your problem of TIAs.
the relationship between these and Ibuprofen is contentious depending upon the reports you prefer to read. It is a balance between pain relief of Ibuprofen and the unlikelihood of side effects.

In your position I would take Ibuprofen, providing that it relieved my pain and risk the slight chance of further TIAs.
However, that is your choice but take your GP,s advice.

Physiotherapy is of course a reasonable alternative.
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Many thanks to you both, it's obviously my choice really. Will give it a few more days and then decide

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Painful Right Arm

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