Memories That Keep You Awake

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pastafreak | 12:41 Tue 11th Jan 2022 | Body & Soul
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I was restless last night and knew almost immediately that getting to sleep might be a problem.
For some reason I thought of my sister...and realised today is the 30th anniversary of her death. I'll often think of dates like this several days before...and then forget.
Not last night...I was reliving our last visit to her in the hospital, with her shushing us away and ending our visit, then arriving the next morning to discover she'd passed in the early hours. My head was full of so many thoughts and tears were running from my eyes.
1992 was my annus horribilus as I also lost mom later in the year.
I hope this year is better...for everyone.


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I know how you feel pasta, and funnily enough I struggled with sleep last night with memories of my sister. Although it is only 18 months ago since I lost her, the fact that she was the last member of the family I grew up with hits me hard sometimes. Last night was one of those times.
Hope all is better for you soon.
I could have sworn I posted here when you put this up Pasta;0/
To answer, the mind and dreams are overactive just now and I’m sure it’s because of the current situation we’re in.
I have never dreamt as much in my life as I do now
Memories That Keep You Awake

Memories have tendrils that invade our thoughts and dreams, best is to let them in and add happier thoughts alongside them.
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Bobbi...that vodka made you think you did it! ;) And yes...lots of strange dreams here lately too x
Sqad, I expect no less from you ;)
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Sorry, ImlostAgain...I missed you. I hope you feel does get easier over time.
The vodka didn’t but the hang over might of :0(
ILA, thoughts are with you
Cringeworthy, embarrassing events from my past haunt me and keep me awake. Also my guilty conscience, things I have done that cannot be put right.
I usually fall asleep okay but wake up in a cold sweat with palpitations in the early hours.

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Memories That Keep You Awake

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