I'm Going To Be 50 In 3 Weeks

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gordiescotland1 | 22:50 Tue 07th Dec 2021 | Body & Soul
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I'm going to be 50. 3 weeks on Sunday. Is it true they say 50 is the new 40? Then I'm definitely happy with that. I have to say I'm feeling a bit nervous about it. I'm having a party for 24 people in a cafe, all triple vaccinated I'm hoping we don't get locked down in Scotland. How did everyone feel being 50?


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I was dreading turning 50. But on the day I woke up and thought ‘Hey, I’m 50 and it’s fine.’ Almost two years on and I’m still ok.

Enjoy the party (if you’re allowed to hold it) and your 50s.
I hope your party goes well Gordie, I didn't feel any different turning 50 as I recall.

These days it's certainly not old.
Gosh, I'd love to be 50 again. Yes, it's a good age.
It's not so bad!
Still young, don't fret..
Hope you'll be able to enjoy your birthday celebrations. :-)
gordie, every age is a good age.

Embrace every day you have and celebrate whenever you can. I hope your party goes ahead as planned and that you all have a lovely time with memories to treasure for a long time to come.
enjoy yourself Gordie - after all they had a wonderful party against Lockdown rules in Downing Street Number 10 last Xmas. So you and your family have a great time.
When I was fifty, I asked for a towel for a gift. When given it I quite literally threw in the towel. No one laughed, but I meant it.
I'm Hoping To Be 50 In 3 Weeks. fify

Enjoyed almost a whole month of celebrations n treat days for my 50th so it was amazing!! (Of course pre lockdown) Made it all so special. A few years on still feel younger in my head than my actual age but 50's OK so far
50 is practically a teenager these days lol!
I have a 70th looming. THAT'S when you worry!
I think you're starting to get old when rather than focussing on your age you look more at how many years you have left!
That's a good point, dave!
50 used to be old, now it is more like middle-aged.
mjw //I have a 70th looming. THAT'S when you worry!//
What's to worry about, my next is 90 and I'm not worrying about it.
/////I'm Going To Be 50 In 3 Weeks///

Good ,well make a resolution that you will acknowledge posters answers to your posts.
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I do Sqad. I have been a lot more than I used to.
A mere spring chicken gordie. I turned 75 earlier this week and it was completely painless. "Another day more - another day less"
Maggie // A mere spring chicken gordie//
As are you:-)

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I'm Going To Be 50 In 3 Weeks

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