Is There An Effective Alternative To Diazepam.

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grandpajoe | 23:38 Wed 01st Dec 2021 | Body & Soul
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Long storey but I'll try to be brief. I became quite suicidal about 11 years ago after ,what one doctor described as a nervous breakdown. It was horrible. The feeling of being unhinged and hopeless. Eventually I was given 40m of Citalopram and after a few weeks I came round, gave up drinking and have been O K since. Started having alcohol after 2 years or so off it and have been O K with that. I am 75 and got Covid in September this year. It too was orrible for three days then I got gradually better the next 3 or 4 days A few days later I started to have bad anxiety and the suicidal thoughts returned. I told my wife about me sharpening a knife at 2 in the morning and she contacted the local doctors one of whom prescribed Diazepam but not for the long term and "Only 28 and you know why" he said over the phone!! On Monday this week I tried to get a phone call from the said doctor but was told that i would have to wait until the 17th of December!!! I use the pills "as and when" and some days do not take any. They help and I am trying to "tough it" through the anxiety when it comes. Now it seems I am going to have my Citalopram reduced and I am being refused Diazepam. I am also taking C B D oil twice a day. The anxiety is, thankfully, not all consuming as it was all those years ago but its fookin horrible and worst of all it frightens me. So folks Is there a effective alternative to the Diazepam PLEASE for this sad old *** Chris who worked and paid into Nat Ins' for the required 50 years!! Thank in advance


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Grandpa Chris. I hope this works "Breathing Exercises for Anxiety" I'm your age :0)
21:38 Thu 02nd Dec 2021
Speak to your GP.

Anti-depressant medication is only effective if you take it regularly to allow your system to settle for a couple of months.

Self-medicating is bad for you, so speak to your doctor about changing to a med that suits you, and taking it as prescribed.
NOT an expert but - Amitriptyline can be used in conjunction with some other antidepressants/painkillers.

Ask your doctor.
I'm not sure why they would reduce your citalopram at this stage? I think you need to make sure they fully understand the situation.
They may well still give you a sedative for as and when... but they are short-term.
Does the CBD oil help?
Other than the breathing exercises (which are a total cliche, but really do help), I'm not sure about much while you wait. Rescue Remedy?
I think they need to know it is more urgent than they seem to believe.
And there are also phonelines and online help (Silvercloud, free online NHS registry) which may be worth a try.
//////Is there a effective alternative to the Diazepam PLEASE for this sad////

I have tried to avoid this thread as it is a minefield BUT having seen the replies and the links, I have to point out that Diazepam is NOT an antidepressant.

Seek medical advice,
I already did, sqad...
You did pixie and although I am not an expert and try to steer clear of such specialities some answers and links really disturb me.
I know. I'm hoping that grandpajoe, will understand what he is taking, and will also return with any confusion.
Citalopram is an antidepressant, 6 months minimum, and doesn't seem ready to be reduced. Diazepam, and similar, are more "crisis", but his description of "as and when'... I think he gets it.
//some answers and links really disturb me.//

Which ones?
Dave........I choice to stay out of that question but am referring to others in the past as well as this thread.

Leave it at that.
The links to antidepressants aren't relevant, dave.the question is about a lack of diazepam and alternatives. There are some confusing answers.
I am on citalopram
have been for years. I am also prescribed diazopam by my doctor as an emergency measure. He knows I use it rarely. And I also get severe back pain apart from anxiety attacksand need it then. He only prescribes 28 and a pack last me for months. Amitriptyline was prescribed instead of citalopram but it caused what they diagnosed as atrial fibrillation and after months of me suffering from af and a few ambulanced visits it was stopped and red flagged. Haven't had an af attack since!

I can only add that diazopam is the only thing that I know really helps when I get to a certain stage of anxiety. That and correct breathing

I totally understand how desparate you feel.

I have venlavaxine & amitriptylene for depression & full strength co-codamol for occasional relief of chronic back pain. I do breath!
Dave,glad to hear you are breathing ;o). Unfortunately, I
Cannot take strong painkillers including codeine or anti inflammatories. So, having chronic pain, life is tough and I'm stuck with paracetamol (and breathing of course).
// I choice to stay out of that question// the gt sqad

I know people find me hard to understand, but try this

You MUST see your GP: you must NOT self prescribe.

Sqad must have done Drugs-101 - Diazepam is NOT an antidepressant. And in answer to your question, yes there are thousands ( of both antidepressants, and things like Diazepam (benzodiasepines). I did drugs-201 once. see a doctor
"the gt sqad"

Is that short for GIT?
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Amazing! I had one notification via email to say I had a reply on here. I read it and thought that was it!! Now I find another 14. Cheers everyone. I'll read them all and try to learn what's wrong with me!! Chris
Question Author
Thank you all for your input. there seems to be a little confusion. "Speak to your doctor" is not something one can do easily these days. Ringing the health centre can take an hour and having to listen to the monotone recordings of a dull voice reciting dull info can lead to more anxiety. Queuing leads to ages on your old legs and even outside due to Covid. All i want is to talk to a G P but the best i can get is a telephone apt on the 17th of December when I tried 5 days ago. Glad someone mentioned the Correct Breathing as that will be a help. What a pity I cannot be trusted to take a pill as and when i need one but the G P I have been landed with has an agenda to rid the local community of these types of drugs. A suicidal 75 year old anxious old loony is the type he can dictate terms to !! Sorry but will have to see what Christmas brings and once again thanks for all your input Chris
No, no, they don't, Chris. They still have their place... they just aren't used instead of antidepressants now (quite rightly, they make things worse in the long run).
Re doctor, put it in writing, and stick it in their prescription place, with your number. They will ring you.
Or eConsult if they do that.

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