Colonoscopy And Endoscopy

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riptide | 09:37 Fri 26th Nov 2021 | Body & Soul
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I’m having both procedures done next week. Just wondering if anyone could advise as to how long it is before the Plenvu starts to work. I have got to take 500mls in the evening and 500mls next morning, both with 500mls water. Believe it involves being near the loo for a couple of hours. Thanks.


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I took Picolax, not Plenvu, and it was a good four hours each time before I felt confident all was clear - have plenty to read to hand!

Have they told you the procedures are being done one after the other?
my friend's brother had these two procedures but they were one after the other - nobody could come through having a camera down your throat and up your bum at the same time. I'm afraid if it was me I'd want to be knocked out - big time general anaesthetic
Reading of the Plenvu - I had a colonoscopy maybe 20 years ago but I had to drink horrible stuff repeatedly the night before. Has that been done away with?
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One after another, I’ve asked for sedation, although it just relaxes you I believe. I need to know what’s going on so will out up with it. Thanks for your responses.
yes, and keep the softest and moistest tissue to hand that you think your loo will cope with.

I've often wondered what happens when they meet in the middle, jj.
yes good idea re the sedation - it wasn't available for me when I got it done. They are very nice nurses when you attend - try their utmost to make you comfortable and good luck Riptide and do hope you get great results.
Riptide, I don't know if they've told you this, but if you have sedation, you need someone to take you home and stay with you for 24 hours.
I advise using baby wipes instead of toilet paper and also sudocream or Vaseline to apply to create a barrier. Also a medium thick Tena or Always Ultra pad in case of leakage when passing gas. All recommended from personal experience
There is a very old post by RATTER re his preparation for colonoscopy. It’s very very funny .
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I’ve got someone to take me home, my neighbour next door will be checking in on me. I have dogs so have to be home. It’s not an anaesthetic just relaxant, you are awake the whole time, unfortunately.
Gavin been through it I have only one piece of advice not already mentioned.

Make sure they do the endoscopy first to avoid any unpleasant aftertaste.

Good luck.
Unfortunately the sedation I was given had no effect whatsoever, in spite of the fact that it included the now-notorious Fentanyl. I would ask for the strongest they have.

You get a cup of tea and biscuits afterwards - believe me you will be ravenous, having had virtually nothing to eat for a couple of days.

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Colonoscopy And Endoscopy

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