Weird Dizziness After Hip Replacement

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Scarlett | 23:51 Wed 24th Nov 2021 | Body & Soul
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A question for Sqad or anyone who may have thoughts. My sister has recently had a hip replacement. When she came home, she complained of feeling dizzy and like she can't think straight. She is mentally exhausted after ten mins of conversation. Her blood pressure was very high (178/99) but that has now come down to 140/88. She saw her GP who gave her a blood pressure monitor to keep an eye on it. But her dizziness remains. I wondered if it was low iron or B12- she has been anaemic in the past. Also she's lost a stone, due probably to just not eating through stress and worry. Her boyfriend has just moved in with her to look after her, but has banned us (family) from contacting her as apparently we were stressing her out. Any idea what these symptoms could be?


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How old is your sister and did she have general anaesthesia? There can be some significant blood loss with hip surgery so she could be anaemic. What pain meds is she on. I'm sure Squad will have advice when he sees this
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Calmck, she is 49. She stopped taking the drugs as soon as she could. She had Tramadol and others in hospital for a few days, but stopped the others after 6 days. That was 3 weeks ago now. Yes she had general anaesthesia.
I cannot convince myself that her symptoms are anything to do with her operation.
Before discharge all her bloods would have been checked, so unlikely tobe due to a deficiency.
Her BP was high and the second reading was still not acceptable.

I agree with the management that her GP has given.

I also agree with the comments of her boyfriend.

This will settle.

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Thanks Sqad, appreciate your feedback

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Weird Dizziness After Hip Replacement

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