Vaginal Thrush.

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Thisoldbird | 21:57 Wed 03rd Nov 2021 | Body & Soul
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Any ideas to sort it once and for all.

Where does one catch I from.


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Canestan is good. I had it once many years ago and it cleared up within a day or two.
You don't actually catch it from anwhere, it's a yeast infection.

Over a certain age you may need a prescription from GP, unless you can get someone to buy some Canestan for you.
Try a tampon dipped in plain yoghurt.
You can now buy a generic fluconazol oral capsule instead of the branded Canesten one for much less. I went to the chemist last week for my daughter for the capsule as she said the Canesten cream wasn't helping and the pharmacist recommended the generic capsule for less than £5. I didn't know a generic one was even available.
As a preventative, if it's a chronic problem, try probiotic yoghurts like Actimel or Yakult. I had a spate of antibiotics a few years ago and I got bad thrush, but when taking the probiotics I never got it. You can also buy tablets if you don't like yoghurty things.
Have you been checked for diabetes? My mother had a lot of ‘personal itchy’ before she was diagnosed. Just a thought.

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Vaginal Thrush.

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