Anyone On Here Had Acupuncture For An Arthritic Knee?

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Barsel | 16:35 Tue 26th Oct 2021 | Body & Soul
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Had my fist appointment today and have another 5 lined up in the coming weeks.
Just wondered if it helps and how long does it lasts if it does.


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Anyone know somebody else who has had it?
Barsel, I had acupuncture for a back problem many years ago. The result was so instant and relieving that the acupuncturist, when I phoned to report, told me to cancel my next booked appointment and only return should I feel I needed to.
She was a consultant anaesthetist at a Cambridge hospital.
When I was massaging I would have three or four appointments with her just to keep my hands pain free and supple....I was a fierce massage therapist!... ;-)
Sadly she retired and though the one I found to replace her was good she wasn't quite as effective.
Word of mouth is good for finding the best one but I am still a great believer in acupuncture for pain relief.
Good luck and hope it works well for you.
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Thanks Gness. I'm not having it done privately, but on the NHS.
The other option was a knee replacement, but i wanted to try other avenues first.
I'm suppose to do exercises as well as I'm told one doesn't work without the other.
As I was told by the acupuncturist , it doesn't work for everybody.
Apparently she is the only one that works at the hospital I go to that does it so I was wondering if it's not used much for pain relief these days.
Only time will tell if it helps at all. :-) x
I've had quite a bit of acupuncture, and from personal experience the NHS are rubbish. I went private to a Chinese person and she cured my bad back. I can't see how it could help Arthritis though, as this is a degeneration of the cartilage nd acupuncture can't cure that
I had acupuncture 25 years ago for a back problem caused by a bad fall in 1980. I had had enough of painkillers and GPs telling me I had a non-specific disorder of the lower back and I needed to consider how I would deal with it in old age. When the pain came I used to have to spend 3 or 4 days lying down and taking pain medication.

I was aware of acupuncture through spending time in the Far East and found a practitioner through the British Acupuncture Association. Booked 6 sessions and on the 4th one I said "that's it you've found it".

Does it last - in my case yes - I get the occasional twinge but nothing like the pain I used to have. Good luck I hope it sorts your knee out.
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APG I don't see it as a cure, just as help with the pain.
The orthopaedic consultant and the physio that works alongside him both agreed it might help, but as I was told today, it doesn't work for everyone.
It's like steroid injections, sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.
If they improve my knee enough so I can get up the stairs to my daughters bathroom at Christmas, I'll be happy about that. :-)
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Thank you Edmundo, ( I hope you don't mind that I call you that)
It was explained to me today about how the Chinese insert the needles in a starfish shape around the knee with one in the foot, and the girl seemed to explain it to me quite well and know what she was doing, but if it doesn't work, I will do what you did and get a recommendation from the BAA for the name of a registered acupuncturist.
Barsel I've had quite a few of them - mainly in my neck, shoulder and back and I went private but found no difference - but that's just me. You may get relief for a while but don't think it will last forever - but maybe you may get enough relief for your daughter's bathroom.

I also got a steroid injection from a fantastic doctor I had at the time - he might as well have poured water in. No relief at all.

But I am going to Thai (I think) massage in Belfast as I have heard great recommendations for them. I'll get round to it soon as I can't stand going into Belfast city centre.

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Anyone On Here Had Acupuncture For An Arthritic Knee?

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