Pain And But Behind Ear

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collareddove12 | 12:42 Sat 23rd Oct 2021 | Body & Soul
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I had new glasses 8 weeks ago and they hurt my nose, they were adjusted, then behind my ear hurt. Eventually they changed the glasses but still same problem, if I put a thin pad behind the arm it throws the alignment out so no help. I really need them for all close work and driving so getting desperate. I cream behind ear as advised but no help. Anyone has this problem and solved it?


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Go back to the Optician as they are clearly out of line.
The glasses, or the opticians, Sqad?
LOL Zac.
Back to the optician and don't leave until they have sorted the problem. If they can't then demand a refund and go somewhere else. I had to go back three times to my optician with the same problem and they were quite happy to sort it out until I was satisfied.
I often have problems with the legs on new glasses and it's a case of spending time tweaking them until they are right.
You can try another optician - any optician will carry out simple adjustment at no charge.

If your glasses are adjusted correctly, you should have no rubbing issues.
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Yes looks like I'd better go back, they have adjusted them three times and changed glasses. I was beginning to think perhaps I had a problem behind the ear, but it was a coincidence it started with new specs. Thanks for reassurances, it's good to know other people have had similar problems

You say "new glasses" so presumably you've had glasses for some time therefore it's obviously not you that's the problem, but the glasses. Keep returning until they (or another optician) gets it right.
I have worn glasses for over fifty-five years.

On occasions they have been uncomfortable, and needed adjustment.

When adjusted correctly, you should not even be aware that you are wearing them.

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Pain And But Behind Ear

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