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jennyjoan | 10:30 Sat 23rd Oct 2021 | Body & Soul
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When I was getting eyes done all through last week - everything was checked - high blood pressure excellent although I;m on a wee tablet, also diabetes level was good again a wee tablet. But whatever has happened to me I cannot stop eating sweet stuff.

I'm craving like a piece of cake - last night watching I consumed a half bag of raspberry ruffles and chocolate buttons.

I never ate like that pre diabetes - the odd sweetie and that. I do need to stop this carry on - any advice please. I try and drink water but sick of it too.


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jennyjoan, my mother was the very same, she never had a sweet tooth, once she got diabetes - there were sweets hid all over the house, I don't have a solution to why you eat the sweets now or why did she, but I wonder should you take a reading of your blood sugar levels and see have they dropped at that time and maybe have a sugar free jelly or similar and don't buy in the chocolates, if they're not there, you cannot eat them, but, what can I say, my mother was the very same
Well JJ your lifestyle is not affecting your the moment, so carry on feeding your craving. Your medical status will soon tell you when to put your foot on the breaks.
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thanks ducksie - I'm not at the "reading" stage yet ie so not on insulin to get that little kit. Whilst I'm loving the wee choccie lOL - I hate the thought of it all.

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Sqad - I don't want to get to that stage of having to get insulin every day and want to forward-think to avoid that.
There's no harm in a little sweet Jennyjoan, just be mindful of it and do enjoy, past near 2 years,we've been deprived of enough x Keep well :)
JJ, you can buy your own kit. Type 2 diabetes has to be out of control before insulin is offered, most T2 never need to inject insulin.

The only way you will find out if eating chocolate and sweets is affecting your health is to take a reading before you start eating them and another reading after 2 hours. If there is a big difference between the two readings you will know you should not be eating them. Everyone has a spike in their sugar levels but diabetics can have a huge spike which causes the damage long term.
It's a bit like being on a diet JJ.
Trying to lose weight, I cut out bread, cakes, sweets etc but then I craved them and went OTT.
Can you substitute water with diet lemonade, and buy sugar free sweets perhaps?
Ducksie's suggestion of sugar free jelly is good. I have that every day.
Sugar free sweets are dreadful - they have a laxative effect and caused me huge embarrassment with the worst wind I have ever had.

They may be sugar free but some are very high in carbs - not good for diabetics.
Sorry Barry I didn't know that.
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I thought that barry and i also think they put a substitute in

My deceased brother girlgriend was onitially type 2. Because of her lifestle eating boxes chocs per day. Bags haribos everynight going to bed she is now blind getting injections into her eyes. on insulin 3 times a day overweight and in very bad health. I would want to avoid that
JJ, did you watch this documentary about T2 diabetes? It changed my attitude
JJ, I shouldn't woory too much about it. I have type 2 diabetes, and I find that carbs affect my blood sugar readings more than sugar does. Just feed you craving in moderation. If you've tried to cut sugars out of your diet completely, it may be your body going "cold turkey".
JJ, your late brother's girlfriend is still T2 diabetic - taking insulin doesn't mean you change to Type 1.

My T2 diabetes is now very well controlled by diet only - I used to be on 3 different meds a day and was warned I would be injecting insulin - but I was still diagnosed with retinopathy after my last eye screening, probably caused by diet when it was out of control. I'm still reeling from the news.
I must say that I agree with the post of Mozz @11.21

These are just my personal assessment of Type 2 diabetes much of which is contentious and based upon personal communications with colleagues.

In the UK we are slow to treat Type2 diabetes with Insulin.
I would say that about 40% of Type 2 diabetics are on Insulin and after 10 years, ALL Type2 diabetics are taking Insulin.....usually long acting.

This active regime is used on the Continent and also in the my opinion.
I've had type 2 diabetes for more than ten years and am not on any drugs, Sqad, so not ALL are on insulin.
LOL.....barry, you are the exception that proves the rule....-;0
/////I've had type 2 diabetes for more than ten years and am not on any drugs/////

Yet you developed diabetic retinopathy.
Sqad, I know lots of Type 2 diabetics that are not on insulin - many have had diabetes longer than me.
I am an active member of a well-respected forum so do talk to a lot of people.
Yes, I have retinopathy but I am fit and well otherwise. It could have been caused by the very high blood pressure I had when I was obese, who knows, but it was probably caused by being overweight through eating too much of the wrong stuff. is a really good place to read and learn about both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
It explains the difference between the two types, and also lots of information about food. They say to stay away from any foods marked ‘diabetic’.
/////Sqad, I know lots of Type 2 diabetics that are not on insulin - many have had diabetes longer than me.//////

I cannot comment without the details barry,but it may well be that some of them SHOULD be on Insulin.

I feel that we don't use Insulin soon enough, but as I said my opinions are personal and not main stream.

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