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jennyjoan | 10:39 Tue 19th Oct 2021 | Body & Soul
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Might have it


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Best to ask at the eye unit tomorrow JJ.
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Sorry Mamy - one word didn't do it. The optician gave me a copy of the report for the Eye people tomorrow and it is mentioned that I do have it in the right eye. I did wonder why the first wee girl (scanner) did ask me to open the right eye really wide and so did the optician, so there must be a little problem.

They will let me know one way or the other re the Ptosis and the double vision (I hope).
Oh yes, I'm sure they'll discuss the report with you.
You either have or you haven't .

Look in the mirror.

If your upper lid or both have drooped (ptosis) you have it, if it hasn't you haven't.
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you must be jokin Sqad - I loathe looking at mirrors. Anyway if I do have it - can it be lifted by a couple of stitches etc. Double visiion has to go first.
By both.....I meant both upper lids or the upper lid in both eyes.
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as I said Sqad - both scanner and optician only asked for right eye to widen a bit
Correct......the double vision needs investigation.

The ptosis can be treated by surgery, but if you are happy with your eyesight then the ptosis will be left untreated.
Hope all went well at the Eye Unit yesterday JJ.
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On ipad. Not feeling good. Went thru rigorous tests

One eye oof glasses has been obliterated with a foggy patch which is making feel druunk. All the time. Could be like this up to 6 weeks weeks so am a littlke miserable. Doctor didnt really how long. Ptosis is really not that bad
Thanks for the feedback.
Oh bless you, that must be so disorientating JJ, rest up and take care x
Take things easy jj. Hope you feel better tomorrow .
Barel, my dad had a slightly droopy eyelid. And I never ever noticed. It wasn't until years after he died that I was looking at some photos of him and thinking "that's odd..."
Tends to be more pronounced when tired/ sleepy .
jno, my brothers eye has been like this for donkeys years and he used to think he'd had a stroke. He does have regular eye tests though so I supposed they would have told him if he had this thing JJ has.
JJ sorry to hear you are feeling down in the dumps right now. Lets hope things will soon be better for you. x
beats me how you pronounce it at all, anne...

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