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jennyjoan | 16:23 Mon 18th Oct 2021 | Body & Soul
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Have been to opticians for a thorough eye health check and he recommended me to go to hospital regarding double vision.

I just got a call as I thought from him (optician) but it was the eye guy himself from the hospital. He didn't realise I was so deaf and so he has told me to go to Eye (sounded like to tography) Level 2 tomorrow. Bless him he repeated and repeated but I just couldn't get it.

Can anybody enlighten me what that second word is. Thanks


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thanks - I'll be able to look for that tomorrow. Thought it was quite quick ie appointment. thanks again.
I'm confused by the reference to 'Level 2', as the Eye Outpatients and Diagnostic Unit is on Level 3 at the RVH. This map might still help though: file:///C:/Users/user/Desktop/Directions-to-EODU-Map-Design-2021.pdf
Both much the same.
My bet is that it is the latter.
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well Chris again I can't tell the difference between level 2 and 3 - sound the same to me on the phone

I know for one thing I am not going to the ENT clinic, perhaps Sqad is right is Tomography for a bit of tomfoolery LOL - well it will be when I will be a wandering ministrel at 10.30am on Wednesday. They changed it to that day as the guy rang me back to say the Double Vision man only comes to RVH on Mondays and Wednesdays.
I've just seen that I've posted a duff link above!

This should be better:
JJ - do you know the name of the guy who rang you?
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no to Smowball - Chris - I tried to print the information as it will be useful, but when I try to copy and paste - won't let me do it.

I just need the written information - it would be a great help.
Rather than copy and paste, can you not print it off from the screen?
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corby - it would print out too much colours of the map and also Trump kissing etc at the bottom. I just have a basic printer.
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I forgot about a letter that the optician for the hospital and found the name is Optometry

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