Daktarin Cream

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Bazile | 15:11 Sun 17th Oct 2021 | Body & Soul
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''If you forget to use Daktarin cream do not apply the forgotten dose ''

How much is a dose ?


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The amount you would have used, had you not forgotten.
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But if it can adversely affect you , depending upon how much you use - how does one know how much to use in one dose

One small blob - one big blob ?

See what I'm getting at ?

There are no hard and fast rules when applying a topical application of a medicated ointment/ cover the affected area with an amount and probably rub in gently. Amounts will vary depending on the area affected - common sense is required also.
Rather depends what size the area you are treating is Baz.
//Apply the next dose of cream as usual and keep using the cream as your doctor has told you//

Presumably you would apply a thin coating over the affected area so the "dose" depends on how large an area you are treating. Maybe the rate of absorption is an issue.
/////How much is a dose ?/////

Who knows ?

Who cares?

It's a bloody cream and that is it in a nutshell.

Not worth a thread.
But what size nutshell, Sqad - cob or coconut? ;)
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Well that's told me , sqad
Nonsense Bazile......that is just my opinion.
The instructions for the cream tell folk to ask their doctor or pharmacist if they have any questions about it so I suggest you do that to-morrow.
Excellent advice CORBY.....the voice of reason.
I amanged to take an area of skin off ( full thickness burn) by overapplying crystal violet for the same think

Blob has only the surface to get froo - so you want to cover the surface but not over apply so there is white cray-ma left

and enough to wet the surface at one time

and yes, you have to do it between the toes, and under the toes where the skin may split

I use a match head for one foot. and I think every time when I was 11 I managed to take an area off with crystal violet

( old people will remember kids wandering around with purple marks on their heads where their ringworm had been pained with purple stuff)

If you are using steroids on skin where the skin is scratched raw and you occlude wiv plastic bags / boxing gloves ( stops the kids scratching their eczema) yes you can actually over dose and get systemic symptoms

Borrie - skin diseases - clearly taught us something
Borries cousin ( I asked him ) wrote a POW book where the USP was that British POWs were asked to go to Ukraine and witness the digging up of bodies at Katyn 1941-2
scroll down.
even then MI16 had contacts INSIDE the camps and forbade them from doing so (co-operating with the Germans)

amaxing what you learn from a daktarin package insert innit?
Th accompanying leaflet should tell you how much to use.
I don’t know about that cream, but others I’ve used said that one pump is one dose.
Use sparingly. A tiny smear usually. Don't worry about it, Baz..

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Daktarin Cream

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