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jennyjoan | 09:04 Fri 15th Oct 2021 | Body & Soul
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Finally have just received a note from my surgery right now - to say I will be getting my bloods tested on such a date but she has no nursing staff to give me the Shingles jab

I thought the nurse could do both.


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I would think they would need to be trained to recognise and react to any adverse reactions to that jag whereas taking a blood sample is a different process.
Nahhh! that's nonsense.

Are they REALLY saying that a nurse who is qualified to take blood can't be trusted to give an I.M injection?

Unless the blood taker isn't a nurse but just a phlebotomist.

Probably a phlebotomist sqad .
So why can't the doctor give the injection. I am a nurse, draw bloods and give injections
Dr. Give injections? You’d have to find one first .
A problem with the NHS too many add on professionals. If all, for example phlebotomists, received basic nurse training they could give an injection, take vital signs, change dressings etc. Too many job titles and not enough worker bees
Exactly..... it would take me 10 mins to train an average monkey to give an IM injection.
Phlebotomists are employed to do a specific job and don't need qualifications of any kind, the pay is around £9.50 an hour, with on the job training.
The phlebotomists in my nhs trust are all based at the large university hospital but travel to different surgeries on a rota to take blood locally.

Even so, the current waiting time for an appointment is around 10 days.

The nurses at my GP practice give the routine injections - flu, shingles, pneumonia and now Covid boosters. If they had to take blood samples as well the waiting times for the injections would increase.

I think the system works well, overall. argument there.

jenny is wondering why there is nobody at the surgery on that date to give an injection.

I understand why not all nurses can't take blood.
Perhaps all those appointments are already booked up on that day.
Blood will be done by a phlebotomy trained HCA, injections are given by qualified nurses.

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