Patient Access For Repeat Prescriptions

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barry1010 | 15:53 Mon 11th Oct 2021 | Body & Soul
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Does anyone use this to order their prescriptions?
I would be grateful if someone could log in to their account and see if they can open the prescription page - I've been trying all day on different devices and browsers and get timed out.


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Working perfectly.

No problems.
I ordered mine last night Barry - and it went through - just on my regular PC. I just click on to Repeat Prescription.
Yes, mine is working on PC.
No problems. Repeat medication comes up ok.
The service I use is called Systmonline. The 'Request Medication' link just took a surprisingly long time to load but I got there in the end.
See if the Support Centre can help.
I've been ordering our repeats for years this way. It works very well.
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Thanks all. I'll try again
I order repeat medication on patient access and it goes down to Lloyds pharmacy in our Health Centre. They transfer it to LloydsDirect and it comes through the post. We don't have transport now so this service is a godsend.
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andres, I've been using it for years and the service is brilliant - the meds are always delivered the next working day, occasionally the same day. The pharmacy is very good - they let me order and pay for non-prescription items over the phone and their driver drops them off at no extra charge. Very pleasant chap he is, too.

Yesterday, I rebooted my PC, cleared the cache, the cookies and everything else and still couldn't get in to the new prescription page. Same on my phone and tablets. All I got was a white page with three dots lighting up in sequence - the page was trying to open but got timed out before it could.
Whizzed through it this morning on my PC so have no idea what the problem was, just glad it's cured.

Thanks all once again.

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Patient Access For Repeat Prescriptions

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