How Long Does Eye Shadow Last And Is Expired Eyeshadow Safe

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roadman | 06:37 Sun 10th Oct 2021 | Body & Soul
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As above how long does eyeshadow last and is expired eyeshadow safe to use still


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I've got eyeshadows going back years and I wouldn't hesitate to use them. They don't come with an expiration date. My rule of thumb is, if they smell funky, don't use them.
All cosmetics come with an expiry date, in that there is a PAO symbol on your eyeshadow, lipsticks and especially mascara that they must should be dumped after such time, I would discard my eye makeup in this time because of the area being very sensitive and the germs picked up in the make up bag and from brushes cannot be good for you. Some people would like to hold onto eyeshadow forever and a day and it works but it's best to dump
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I'd not use it, particularly if it's been open for quite awhile. Your eyes and the skin around them are very sensitive, and that's the last place you would want to have an infection or dermatitis.

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How Long Does Eye Shadow Last And Is Expired Eyeshadow Safe

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