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Redhelen72 | 06:33 Thu 07th Oct 2021 | Body & Soul
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83 year old woman, been diabetic for 10 years now, is on medication but would not have needed it if watched diet.
Constantly checking her sugars with finger prick.
Is this necessary? I thought it was just insulin dependent that needed to check blood all the time?
Any advice gratefully received


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Is she on Metformin? If so, it helps to control the blood sugar, to make insulin injections unnecessary. Sounds like shes doing everything to keep the sugars down.
Sorry, should have clarified. I'm doing just that. The readings are done to make sure the drugs are working.
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Thank you , a question Do you do it several times a day?
As long as her fingerprick readings are fine, then once a day late afternoon before dinner/tea should be fine,
I am Type 2 diabetic, used to be on several different tablets a day but now controlled by diet.

The NHS stopped prescribing the glucose strips for many T2 diabetics in 2018 as they said glucose testing was unnecessary for those diabetics who are controlled by non-insulin medication.

A lot of patients disagreed. I am one of them. If I had not regularly tested my blood I would not have learned what food and drink made my blood sugars spike, it is not always the obvious things. I would not have been able to control the diabetes by diet alone and would probably be on insulin now.

If your lady is just taking the readings but not using them to modify her diet then it is totally pointless.

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I agree - she is taking the readings and then going to the dr - she is not modifying her diet - which I know is full of sweet stuff!
We have tried and tried to get her to modify her diet but she will bring out cakes and icecream and just says as she is old she should have what she fancies.
When she was first diagnosed we tried to take her shopping using her diet sheet and she threw a temper tantrum in the shop accusing me of starving her!
////just says as she is old she should have what she fancies.///

I agree with her.

She is a human being and like us all have human needs and failings.

IF.....IF....her blood sugars are within normal limits whilst on non insulin medication, then why shouldn't she have her cream cakes?

Type2 diabetes is a very personal disorder and one rule doesn't fix all individual cases.

Don't worry about her....or try not too.

You can lead a horse to water......
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I know and what you saying makes sense but she makes such a fuss because she's diabetic - Oh I have to have my feet done because I am diabetic, oh I need my eyes tested I am diabetic - Oh I can't have that food hamper you sent because I am diabetic.

Oh chocolate eclair - yes please I will have 2!

Redhelen - I figure you are talking about your MIL - you know she is doing the right thing - that is if she wants to find out the readings and then becomes a bad girl by ignoring results and eating sweets etc - at 83 years old - oh just let her be. She has had a good innings and she may as well enjoy last stages of her life.

I have a neighbour again 81 eats drinks dines - the whole heap - totally depending on 3 times insulin - she just enjoys life. So let mammy law do the same. And if it is not MIL and another person - I still say the same thing.
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Its so frustrating - she will sit there and slate someone for being fat - her face contortes with disgust but will then eat 2 chocolate eclairs.
I am actually convinced she has an eating disorder - I have seen her eat a half a chicken and veg etc then the next time we go out pick at 2 fish fingers.
She is obsessed with being diabetic and it started when she discovered she was pre and could have done something about it - she actually said at one point she wish she had to take injections like her friend
Yes its my MIL - she was on the phone again last night going on about the diabetes
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Thanks for all the advice though
She absolutely must have her eyes and feet checked - because she is diabetic.
Neuropathy is a very real threat for diabetics and can lead to blindness and amputation.
She is not going to change her ways so give up the fight.

How long has she been diabetic?
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13 years and its been her mantra since then
It can become all consuming, Helen, same as somebody who is constantly on a diet. And totally boring and frustrating for those who have to listen to it.

Have you thought about telling her that if she is not prepared to take medical advice and stop eating the wrong food and control her weight you will not discuss diabetes with her again? You don't want to hear another word about it. Harsh, but perhaps it is necessary.

Otherwise let her ramble on and moan but take no notice. Don't comment or react.
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Thanks Barry - we avoid talking about her medical issues as much as possible because she makes things up even if we have been in the room when something was said she twists things badly!
We have tried to speak to her GP but she refuses permission - she is happy living a drama - but my husband has not been well and cannot take on all her carp as well.
I just wanted to get some advice on what she should and shouldn't have been doing. thanks for your time
You still haven't told us what her blood sugar levels are.
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She won't tell us
She’s 83. Let her eat what she likes. Let her moan as she wishes. Don’t get too concerned about her, she has a son to do that .
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My husband is not well Annea and cannot cope with his mother.
I am his wife and I will help where possible.
She is having yet another drama because she is not the centre of attention - she did it when dad died, when I had my op, when I fell off the horse etc etc Everytime someone else has a drama she has one to the point where she even ends up in hospital and calling ambulances

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