What To Do When You Are More Qualified Than Your Boss?

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DonaldDuck92 | 19:40 Mon 04th Oct 2021 | Body & Soul
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Joined a company four months ago.

Came to the realisation quite quickly that I'm significantly more qualified and experienced than my boss. I think we both know it.

I can't go to his boss as she brought him into the company.

Its' pretty excruciating at work right now. I'm having to teach entry level stuff to him and my colleagues.

I was bought into lead a large transformation project. The only person in the company that gets what I do for a living is the CEO. Everyone else seems to have no idea.

I'm missing working with clued up people.

Every day feels like trying to squeeze tooth paste back into the tube. It's frustrating.

What to do?


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either get on with it or get a new job
It will be a real feather in your cap if you succeed in bringing them all up to speed.
How are you getting on with your project?
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I've not been able to start from the place I'd anticipated/ should have been able to start from. Rather than being at the starting line I've had to take the car back to the garage, take it apart and rebuild it before I can even think about getting to the start.

My boss and his boss want me to do the race anyway, doesn't matter that the car's only got three wheels and won't make it 100 yards. As long as it says on paper that we did the race. They'd also quite like it if I didn't draw attention to the fact the car won't make it very far. Must't tell the CEO that the car is missing a wheel either. Have been told what I can and cannot say.
Inform your immediate manager of the problems you have identified and your proposed solutions. Make sure your concerns are in writing and acknowledged. Let her or him decide what to do about it.
get it off your chest
and look for another job - at more moolah
I did my best to act as N.J. has suggested, but it was the late 1960s and I am female so the males would not be corrected/amended/argued with - fill in any other synonym. I left and went to train as a teacher.
Find another job. If you are as clever and talented as you say you are you won't have a problem getting another job more appropriate to your qualifications and experience.
As you say you have a great deal of knowledge and experience. Follow your instinct, nobody will be as clued up about this situation as you. You need the confidence to rely on your own judgment
"I'm missing working with clued up people"
Stick with Answer Bank then we are all very "Glued up"
You could learn a lot from us sticky lot
Everyday day at Tesco but I just get on with it and laugh!

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What To Do When You Are More Qualified Than Your Boss?

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