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Maydup | 00:31 Mon 27th Sep 2021 | Body & Soul
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On Friday I lifted something that was way too heavy for me and I carried it across the garden. Stupid! It strained my back and I've been in agony since. Well, not too bad when I'm standing but I have a really painful lower back when I'm sitting, lying down or get up from sitting.

Is there anything I can do to help relieve it?


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Experiment with heat or cold - different people respond to one better than the other.

Regular pain relief of your choice, Ibuprofen is anti inflammatory.

Try to keep mobile within your limits.
In the short term there's probably not much you can do except to take ibuprofen. For the longer term, see here

I hope that you'll be limbo dancing again soon ;-)
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Painkillers don't seem to touch it, but I will take some now to help me sleep. I should have used an ice pack a couple of days ago of course, but I'll try that now too. I walked today and gently mowed the lawn which helped, until I came inside and wanted to relax on the sofa and now I'm stuck on here plucking up the courage to move!
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LOL as if I could limbo dance before I hurt my back!!
As has been said, heat helps some whilst cold helps others. Try a hot water bottle, if that doesn’t work then do what I’ve done in the past and filled one with freezing water!
a large pack of frozen peas works well for the cold treatment.

Maydup - do you know if it is muscular or a pulled nerve (the pain is usually different).
Have you tried Tiger Balm I find that can sometimes help a bad back
If you can get somebody to put it on for you - I found a Belladonna plaster helped to draw some pain out.

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