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Patsy33 | 19:58 Thu 23rd Sep 2021 | Body & Soul
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Well, after a couple of months, I finally got around to speaking to my Doctor, re husband.
I actually went for myself but asked if she could spare a few minutes. She was really sympathetic and helpful. She explained it was up to husband, whether he came in but she couldn't make him. I already knew that. One idea is to get him in on a physical condition/problem, as more preferable to a mental one. She said some thyroid conditions can mimic bipolar. I have to put my thinking hat on.
By the way, I did ask him weeks ago, to see Doctor. He refused and said he didn't need to and there was nothing wrong with him.


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Hi Patsy,

Thanks for the update.

Endocrine / hormonal irregularities and imbalances can cause mood swings and unpredictable behaviour with diurnal variations. Is he different for instance from mornings to afternoons?

It doesn't sound like he is willing to admit or even realises he's got a problem. I doubt anything you say will suddenly "enlighten" him or encourage him to seek help.

It might be ultimatum time

I do wish you the very best in getting him to at least see someone Patsy, so difficult.
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Thank you.
He's on a high at the moment. Everything is hilarious!...
I have to stress, he's not a bad person.
It's just very wearing..x
I think I've missed something, patsy, sorry. If you are worried about a possible mental condition, which your husband isn't agreeing with- you can speak to AMHSS (adult mental health social services) in your area. They totally understand these situations, and will help you get him assessed, without going against his wishes.
Good luck xx
Pixie a previous post suggested her husband behaviour was consistant with bipolar, of which her mother-in-law suffered. I don't know how you can get someone assessed though if they don't comply. Its bad enough trying to get assessments these days with compliance.
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Thanks for link., Pixie.
I don't think he is bad enough, yet, for that.

You're right, APG, thanks.
Thanks, apg x and patsy x. Has he been properly diagnosed yet?
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No. The Doctor said if we could get him inbwoth a physical problem, she could subtlety ask him how he is, moods, egg, then maybe give him medication to settle him down. Then hopefully take it from there, leading up to proper diagnosis.
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Etc!! Sorry, fat fingers trying to type..:-)
Am in same boat as pixie in that ive not really been on here much lately and so have missed original post but think I get the gist. Really feel for you x
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It was a time ago, snowball, about the 12th July, in B& S x
Can’t find it but sounds so difficult. What’s the latest situation this eve??
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Oh he's quite settled at the moment watching tv. He has been on a high recently. His Mother was the same. Like I said earlier, he's not a bad person, just very difficult to live with at times because of erratic moods.
You mentioned your son in your last post, Patsy. Could he maybe encourage your husband to cooperate and go to the doctor's?
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Thanks Mamya x
Thanks mamya xx
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No, my son hasn't got a close relationship with his Father. They get on ok, that's about it. To be honest, he's a bit nervous of him.
Patsy, apologies, had a call to do. This isn't unusual, and generally, you obviously need consent to get somebody seen. But, from experience (from someone else with bipolar, coincidentally), his wife spoke to Adult Social Services... who sent someone, to see "her", but got chatting to him, while there.

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