Substituting One Med For Another…….

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Smowball | 20:20 Thu 23rd Sep 2021 | Body & Soul
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If someone is on 10mg oxycodone 10am and 10pm (a definite 12 hr gap in between) and for breakthru pain in between they are given oxycodone liquid 5mi doses, with a definite 6hr gap in between, could they take soluble co-codamol as a temp substitute if the liquid oxycodone ran out a day or two before the repeat prescription arrived?? Or are they just too different? Many thanks x


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I would in that situation Smow.
They are different and yes I agree with the post of mamya ^^^
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Thankyou guys. I’m literally on as a substitute for two, maybe three times at most. X
Should be fine.
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Agree Mamya, my thoughts being that they are both codeine based, you just never know with meds so always good to double check. Hope you’re ok x
I am thank you and I hope you can get your prescriptions better organised.

Take care x
As said by others, in the short term this shouldn’t be a problem. Just be aware that even the max dose of 60mg codeine at a time is still only equivalent to about half of your normal 5mg breakthrough dose of oxycodone liquid. It therefore may not be as effective.

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Substituting One Med For Another…….

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