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Barsel | 16:55 Fri 17th Sep 2021 | Body & Soul
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Anybody been able to get the flu jab at the doctors?
I phoned up today and was told they didn't have any, didn't know when they would be getting any, and I would be better going to a pharmacy to get it done.
If I do that, would I have to make an appointment?


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Having mind on the 22nd at our chemist, hubby gets his tomorrow at our doctors
// mine//
Had mine yesterday afternoon, but I think they said the next batch would be help up a bit.
Mrs. bb and I have an appointment for a flu jab at our GP surgery. We had no problem in making the appointment. As regards going to a pharmacy, we have seen queues of (mostly elderly) people in our local pharmacy, asking for flu jabs. They didn't have appointments, they just turned up.
my surgery has contacted me.
I walked into a pharmacy and got one straightaway. They were taking appointments too.
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DTS I had a letter from the GP's surgery asking me to make an appointment , and they have 3 adverts on their Facebook page telling people to make an appointment, but they told me it's a national problem, not just local, but she doesn't know why the chemists have got them but not the Doctors.
Mrs NJ and I are going to have ours at Tesco's next week. Timed appointments. I doubt my GP surgery is having much to do with it. They did absolutely nothing towards the Covid rollout apart from providing a list of patients' names to somebody else. In any case, I'm quite glad about that. When we had our 'flu jabs at the GP's last year it was a complete debacle. It was one of the few occasions the surgery has opened its doors (that's one way to describe it) in the last eighteen months. We had to queue in the rain for almost an hour before being allowed, one at a time, into the premises. It was a "turn up and jab" session supposedly lasting from 9am to 1pm. By 11:30am (just as we were going in) they were considering closing the doors as they were about to run out of vaccine.

Whilst we're being done next week we shall make enquiries about the Covid booster. They've been dishing out doses one and two recently so hopefully they'll do the boosters as well.
I got a text from the GP’s surgery with a phone number to ring. I got an appointment straight away.
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Just phoned Tesco Pharmacy to make an appointment told I have to make it online. Loads of blinking questions, but it's done now.
I have booked mine online at boots for next month so hopefully they will have the vaccine.I went there last year too and they give you a 10 minute appointment and they asked me to stay in the shop for a while after to make sure i was ok.
Same her. My GP has not got any but was told to hang on.
I called my local surgery a few weeks ago to ask about my annual flu jab and was told they would contact me. This was done and I had to go to my local place where I had my Covid jab. All the local surgeries were represented there, so tonight I am done.
While I was there, I was told I would be contacted again, possibly in November for a Covid booster. However, in answer to your question, the only way to find out is to go in to your pharmacy and ask. You could try phoning them of course, but they're usually very busy. Good luck.
My surgery contacted me. Jab on Monday.
Depends on the pharmacy
they will have a notice outside ( as they charge the govt for each one)

Saturday - midday - I offered to go and get supplies and they said er no thanks ....
Our surgery listed dates available, we rang up and booked ours - 4/10 at 2.00 p.m.. This is for one of the local village halls that they use to spread around this country practice. Normally you would just turn up, but this year they are constrained for some reason and you need to book. T.B.H. I reckon they'll have some spare to jab into people who just turn up anyway.
Had mine at 7.45 am this morning at my local medical centre.
telephone booked,
in at 11 20 and out at around 11 23

Practice had 90% over 70s first vacca by end of Jan 21. - clearly not by chance

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